has anyone heard about this?

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    i am dying to find out with the surgeon in Chicago was...

    STEVENS, Pa. -- Federal authorities say Blake R.
    Steidler wasn't happy with the results of his
    penile-enlargement surgery.

    A grand jury indictment is charging the Pennsylvania
    man with mailing a bomb to the Chicago plastic surgeon
    who did the operation.

    According to authorities, Steidler turned himself in
    after mailing the explosive device. Police were able
    to recover the bomb from the mail and destroy it.

    Steidler, 24, allegedly made an explosive device that
    included a model-rocket engine igniter inside a
    jewelry box, the federal indictment said.

    Steidler drove to North Bloomfield, Ohio, on Feb. 10
    and mailed the box, but then drove home to Lancaster
    County, Pa., called 911, and turned himself in,
    according to the indictment.

    Special Agent John Hageman, a spokesman for the Bureau
    of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms office in
    Philadelphia, said the device "should have functioned
    and produced an explosion. ... There may have been

    Steidler now faces a number of federal charges,
    including using a weapon of mass destruction and
    sending explosives through the mail.
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