Have the XXL guys here tried Contempo Mega?

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Hryblkone, May 4, 2007.

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    Have any of the XXL guys (9"+ L or 6"+W) on LPSG tried the Contempo Mega condoms. They are especially made longer and wider than their usual brands like Midnight and Rough Rider. Bought 2 boxes (3 condoms each) and worked myself up to the hardest boner I could get. They went on with a little more room to spare (I'm closer to 8" x 6" when extremely hard) and I'm guessing it's more like a MagnumXL . The best part is my foreskin can roll over my head while the condom stays on like a second skin. That means I can fuck continuously without worrying about it falling off inside my partner. It hasn't been completely field tested by me and my partner yet but it's a brand you can check out. One warning, I bought them in a discount store for $ .99 and they're made in Thailand for U.S. distribution.
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    How do they compare to the MagnumXL...? Link?

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