HBO's "Big Love". (Supposedly) a new provocative gay storyline coming Jan. 10

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    I watched about every episode of HBO's "Big Love" during its first season (I really like Chloë Sevigny and Jeanne Tripplehorn; all three of the wives play so well together and have a graceful chemistry), then I watched sporadically during the second. Like Showtime's "Weeds", it's a solid, well-crafted show. I just didn't feel compelled enough to faithfully view after the first season.

    Anyway, the season 4 premiere is coming January 10th, and there's a clandestine gay storyline that looks like it's going to be fairly interesting within the framework of this LDS drama -- so, I'm going to give it another go.

    Plus Sissy Spacek is joining the cast, a "multi-episode storyarc", a good thing in my book, she's a wonderful actor.

    I think this bisexual character, Alby Grant, has had deeply closeted homosexual encounters in the past, but they're giving him a decent storyarc this time round.

    "Big Love" returns to TV with provocative gay story - Yahoo! News
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