Heaven and hell!

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    Ol' Bo has always been a little bit of a complicated character, slow poke and well, not the brightest. So now that he dies, he's guided to the elevator that goes to heaven or hell. He's lived the life of a god-fearin man from the first minute on, so he wants to hit the "Heaven" button, but misses and hits the hell button. SHIT! The elevator starts going down, Bo tryin to change directions, without effort. Maybe something can be done about this by the devil?

    However, he reaches hell, door opens, and first thing he sees is three naked blonde vixen being shooed around by a guy, in other places couples are coupling, orgies - the air heavy from perfume, good food, and champagne. A lad with red skin, horns and fork comes to him.

    "G'day Bo, well, I'm Satan, and kinda runnin' things down here. Listen, boy, we've just had three days of party, are about to prepare the next one - wannna join us, lad?" Bo is struck dumbfounded. "Hell? Party?" he thinks, but decides to try it. The orgy lasts for weeks, and actually, even Bo's penis becomes a lot larger!

    When the party's over, Satan walks up to him again. "Listen up, Bo! You've now been here for a few days, how about you get your new car?" "What car?" Bo asks. Devil replies, "We got 'em all down here, Ferrari, Corvette, Mustang, whatever you's tastin for." Bo picks the Ferrari, and the devil says, "We should better get you to yours new mansion down here." Bo's even more dumbfounded, but they leave with his Ferrari, starting to his new mansion.

    On their way, they get to another building. Prison-like walls, and flames coming up from behind those. Screams, limbs flying over the wall. "Knew it, there's a catch after all these good things," Bo says. The devil pats his shoulder. "That's for the catholics, he says. They want it like that."
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