heavy set ('fat") men with large penises

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    Was at the gym the other day.. there is a guy I have seen a few times working out- BIG guy, 6'5", about 300+, bard- the whole nine yards... big tits, belly, legs (tho none on the extremities- hands/arms/lower legs). He sweats up a storm and well- I try to encourage the guy- he goes at it a lot...

    I happened to catch him after a work out stripping down- I have never seen a bulge, but the belly tends to hide things... Imagine my surprise when he stripped off his jock strap (another surprise) and low and hehold...

    Shamu! I was dumstruck.... I know the adage is heavy-set men are hung small but this guy was well, huge with a nice set of nuts too (not sure how he packed all that in the jock but...). I was also headed to the showers (really, I was!). he showered as did I and both got out at the same time- he was definently 'plumped up' a bit afterwards (normal I think)

    reason I mentioned all this- after the 'low body fat/big dick' thread...

    I was wondering if this guy lost 100 lbs...holy crap!

    a friend once said about a simillar man...'if he got hard would it look like a harpoon sticking out of moby dick?"

    anyone else?
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    I looked in the mirror! :(

    Actually, I ain't that "fat". But I'm not an ideal and I've always had broad hips and ass. More of a "gone to seed bodybuilder" than a "eat too many chilli dogs" build.

    It's funny!
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