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    So, here I am, long time reader, first time poster!

    I came here when I encountered during my first real sexual interaction with a woman that I was coherent and understanding of, and needed some advice regarding it, and managed to find the search button every time.

    I've always considered myself bi, and generally accepting of all alternative lifestyles and religions et al. and this seems like a genuinely helpful community for the most part, of regular members I see here. Some are even quite literary and well mannered, women and men alike amongst number of interesting characters!

    Prior to coming here, I always considered penis size just another nuance of sex life like bust size, weight size etc. a preference more or less. Because of my art background I was exposed to various shapes and sizes and variations on the human body. Thought it was something men bragged about, and women joked about.

    Then I encountered a woman, my 2nd only, who actually experienced issues with being able to fit etc.

    My first real encounters with regular sexual escapades were not quite inhibited. Condoms proceeded to become tighter, even when rolled on properly there were more problems with it. By the time I had met my third girl, we were in a standard 'doggy style' position and had experienced light abdominal protrusion somehow(painful, and mood killing >=( ), something I never had a problem with prior to her.

    So, it really has been an interesting trip with my junk, as I so like to refer. I appreciate the human body no matter whose it is, or how it looks, and adore that level of unique pattern to each individual.
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    Finding life is so much more than you imagined?
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