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    To some of you this will sound pretty sad,,, but here goes.

    Dont ask me why but several months ago,,, I found myself wanting to play with an older male's big tool.

    Straight forward you may think,,,, wrong. Here Iam, married 38yrs old pretty fit, hardworking and honest.

    I had no idea how difficult it would be, several months later I still have not had the opportunity. The majority of the problem I guess is embarrasment on my part,,,, well its not as if I could go upto a 60yr old and say excuse me but do you have abig tool and can I play with it, whilst shopping in tescos.

    So I thought I'd join this site, after a few messages nothing. What do I need to do?

    All i'm after is a gent with a tool over 7inches in the lincs area UK, who will allow me to play with his tool for5, 10 .15 or whatever minutes, shoot his load and thats it. I want nothing absolutely nothing in return. No names no fuss, I will even travel to you, buy you a beer and if your ok about things sort the pole out,,, if you feel uncomfortable, enjoy your beer and leave no fuss.

    This is a real genuine offer,,, so I ask if your straight or whatever and have a large tool, give me a chance just one time to simply wank a large tool off. I dont even mind covering your expenses and if you prefer meet you somewhere dark so you cannot be identified,,, I just need to try this once, so if your 20 or 80yrs with a large member please give me a chance.


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