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    WARNING. Long post ahead.

    Sorry for the silent treatment. This last month got kinda crazy, I started a new full-time temp job and school a week into September. Because my classes are condensed and they are advanced business theory, the homework is kicking my ass, especially in operations management where the prof has a very thick accent making it necessary to do additional studying to make up for what I think I am missing during the lectures. Add to it that I have had two funerals – a great-aunt’s unexpected passing and a good friend’s mom (breast cancer) for the emotional roller coaster effect. Also I had to finish a business plan with marketing and competitive intelligence factors, conduct research for a literary society in New York (about three more hours in front of the microfiche machine and I should be done!), fending off attempts to celebrate my birthday in mid-September, explaining to my son (again!) why a budget is important and why you don’t rely on your ATM balance, trouble-shooting problems on my mom’s computer so she could finish her 50th reunion planning, worrying about a cousin who had double mastectomy surgery, (Happy breast cancer awareness month!), four emergency trips to the vet with my elderly pup, plus another half dozen things which have made my life very, very full.

    Perhaps overflowing is the better term.

    That being said, thanks for all the warm welcome aboards by all, especially the personal ones from Madam Z and Dorset. Though I don’t expect my life to simplify any time soon, I didn’t want to be rude and not respond to some of you, especially since I was the one who solicited questions! So, I thought I’d take few minutes to check in before studying for the first big tests of the term. So here it goes…

    In response to:

    Provo326: “I would be interested in your interest in this site. What made you come here? Fascination, curiosity, or just to fill time.”
    Singerboy: “What made you pick this site?”
    Steve319: “So, what have you found most valuable about the forums so far?”

    I stumbled across this sight when I was doing some research for a feminist paper I’ve been contemplating writing. My approach initially was to debate why pornography is actually a pro-feminist film genre and illustrates that women understand completely the power they hold through sexual expression. Any person who has researched will tell you that the information you find often leads to new thoughts and new questions. This is what happened to me. The thoughts and questions that kept coming up revolved around men. I love men and the fact that no one ever cries foul that men are being exploited in porn, or even seems concerned rankled me. As men in porn are well-hung, the resulting pressing questions naturally evolved, “Do men with large penises feel exploited? In film? In life?”

    This led to LPSG. I logged on for a few weeks anonymously to make sure that you all weren’t just a bunch of degenerates. I was happy to find that most of the posters are genuine and original, not afraid to express themselves honestly, and decided to sign up. A few of you, like Madame Zora, DoubleMeat, Jonb, Steve319, the very funny Pecker, and the super skeptic Dr. Rock clinched the deal.

    The paper is on hold for now because the scope of it was way too large and I haven’t figured out where its focus will be. Also, being a film buff, I found hours of viewing gay, straight, and fetish porn to be boring and monotonous. After all, you really only need about 15 to 30 minutes to get off (once, maybe twice) and then you start critiquing the lighting, acting, costuming, script, etc.

    HickBoy: “Will you lend me $12?”

    Mmmm! Let’s see.

    A) I didn’t when the lottery again this week. Damn!
    B) I’m a temp worker.
    C) The holidays are just around the corner.

    Ask me later and maybe you’ll get lucky.

    DoubleMeatWhopper: “Any question? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”
    Mbobak: “Amazing what you can find on the web.....
    BuffMusicIdol: “You are too serious, but I appreciate the intro. My question is, what is the wind/speed velocity of a sparrow? I have other questions. We'll start there.”
    Jonb: “Would that be an African or European swallow?”

    I think the answer you seek ka-nig-its DMW and Buff can be found at:

    Interesting stats:

    If you are looking for science try here and the site recommended by Mbobak (thanks for the hand :hi: ):

    The actual math answer is:

    Average velocity is the distance traveled divided by an elapsed time. Example: If the sparrow travels 100 miles in 4 hours, its average speed would be 25 miles per hour. This in itself is a pretty easy calculation. However, adding a cocoanut to the scenario introduces a drag factor. At this point, I defer to the group’s math and physics wizards.

    dickman45885: “Is it true men and women should have simultaneous orgasms?”
    madame_zora: “Dickman, simulaneous orgasms are pretty rare, I wouldn't make that a priority. As long as both DO orgasm, when each does it really doesn't matter much. If it happens at the same time great, but if it doesn't, it can still be great!
    dickman45885: “You said to ask any question...so I did.....if you want to get back to swallow...how well do you have to know the dude, do you swallow on the first
    date?” (The simultaneous orgasm was a question asked at the information desk in one of the airplane movies.)

    Should is the catch word here. I don’t think it is good for anyone to be compelled to perform to a set standard during sex and orgasm. It should just feel good for everyone involved. I’m with Madam Zora. Sexual release for both is more important than an orgasm occurring simultaneously.

    However, do I think simultaneous orgasm is possible. Not all the time, but definitely possible. It takes a lot of work though. Because it takes longer for the female to “get there” I would suggest a lot of foreplay and bringing her to the brink before insertion. Depending on your stamina and physical nature, I would also recommend that you cum at least once before attempting a simultaneous orgasm. A man’s second time to reach orgasm usually takes longer. Kegels for men will also help you sustain from ejaculating too soon. Let me know how you are coming along with this. :evilgrin:

    I'll try to check in next week with you all. Meanwhile, take care and don't do anything that will put you in the nightly news.
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