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    :smile: Not being very familiar with computer lingo I hope that you'll bear with me as I share a bit of myself with you.
    I am a Registered Nurse and I work in a jail in CA. and have worked in Correctional Medicine for a period of time. I'm trying to focus on my retirement and the means to tkae it on in a comfortable way. One thing that I know is that I need more exercise and good friends to talk with and meet should that come into the picture. Unfortunately I smoke and am beinging on a program to quit. As well I drink only on very special occasions.
    I am Sicilian, my parents have come from there to America and dying shortly after I was born. As an adopted child I was raised in Europe, Texas, and have as an adult lived in NM, AZ, and CA where I currently live. I, for 15 yrs, lived in San Francisco and, not to sound too cliche, left my heart there. A man, young at the time, that I was in love with, died from that which has taken many of my friends AIDS. I have made it my career focus to educate in the area where I work those ignorant to the horrible consequences of this disease.
    On a lighter note I play classical pipe organ and loved playing as many as I can where ever I can get the permission to do so. I love to photograph them as well and architecture old and new. People can come into the picture as well as that I love black and white contrast.
    There you have it for now. I hope this provides you all with an adequate introduction. I look to hear from anyone interested in joining me in any form of communication. I may need help on how to.
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    I play classically with my organ, too.

    Welcome to LPSG, herr bach.
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