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    Hi to all.

    Just found this site and it looks really good, we both hope it lives up to expectations.

    This post introduces both my wife and I who live in North East of Lincolnshire England. We are both mid thirties and looking for a new experience.

    Up to this point in time thus far, we have not really built up sufficient courage to post or participate in such forums, however we thought we would try it once and see how we go.

    We are both white, slim, clean, honest hardworking, with a good sense of humour. I’m 5”10”, she is 5”4” very attractive, with 36DD assets.
    We would both like to meet a straight, clean, decent guy who is vvwe, in the age range of 19-25r old for fun.
    I use the word “we” cautiously because, to be honest this is more my idea than hers probably 90% me.
    Specifically my interest is to watch and would not be interested in participating in the proceedings.
    We would correspond, meet up, go out on a nice date and take it from there. This is a genuine offer, and relates to normal sex only, nothing bizarre. For those individuals who are probably far more intelligent than I, who feel the need to question my term “normal sex” don’t bother.
    So. If you would like to discuss the matter further, please mail us and we can take it from there.
    Finally, when we do meet up, if for any reason anyone of us, decides that they do not want to take this offer beyond a night out, that’s fine no fuss. We can all still have a good evening out, so there is no pressure on anyone to do anything .
    We are able to provide accommodation for the night out. Please no time wasters
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