Hello, I am seeking women who lust for huge penis.

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    Dec 22, 2006
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    There is nothing like a woman you are intimate with being turned on or intrigued by a massive penis. It makes your heart beat incredibly hard and fast and jealousy kicks in, followed by adrenaline and when you try and speak words intermingle and make no sense. The only feeling you can understand or trust at this point is the feeling of your cock getting rock hard with an envious erection. Like Napoleon fighting Rome in it's hey-day, (I hate to compare it to Napoleon, I'm the better side of average). bitter and willing. It throbs uncontrollably until just the idea that she wants cock makes you start to cum. You know she want's it and you give her yours! As big and erect as any you've ever seen it! Because being turned on to the point of jealous sexual rage is bliss and then cum everywhere and rockets and trains and ahhhhhh....

    I've never given a blowjob... I honestly don't know if I can or not. I certainly want to sometimes... but only if my girlfriend was there to do it with me.
    I've had little swinger experiences here and there. That was hot. And I guess I'm developing into a pretty kinky guy. The thought of threesomes m/m/w really turns me on.
    And since I keep referring to my ex-girlfriend as my girlfriend (we don't do it anymore but we still want to watch other people do it and be swingerish) I should establish that my main sexual focus is on a woman's anus. So any women with a beautiful anus that needs to be licked for a while... please let me know. I can be very romantic, but also very crass. Depends on what she wants and where she wants it I guess.
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