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    Jul 31, 2010
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    Hi i m a guy from Netherlands, Europe.

    I am quite fascinated by the large penis option in Humans. Why does it exist ?
    I studied other mammal races and i never found any penis shapes that could explain something about the man's penis.

    The Apes, bonobos, orang-utan have a small one and no variation between individuals. The human race is the only race with the large penis option.

    we know few men have a real large penis (perhaps 1 out of ten according to me). The most striking thing is the following. The large penis have many more inches than average inches.
    However women can accommodate it. So i m wondering why women can accommodate penises that are so rare among the human population.

    Imagine a tribe living in Autarcy somewhere in amazonia. If the males from this tribe have the same penis size than western population, it means it will take very few women will have sex with large penises. Normally there is no enough large penis to trigger a natural evolution to make the vagina deep enough to allow large penises.

    However i see women are able to insert huge things in their vagina like long dildo or pornstar penis sizes. we know then the problem is vagina arousal and not vagina depth. Vagina are deeper on average than male penis.

    i think it is part of nature mystery. In nature all penis are made to perfectly fit vagina. There is no sizes matter !

    Furthermore, it is not a question related to childbirth because female apes also have babies without having a "vagina" as deep as women for their own weight.
  2. B_bxmuscle

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    I'm no expert but recently saw something on one'a those cable shows about primate evolution. The narrator claimed that when the homo-species started walking upright, the horizontal repositioning of the pelvis vs. it's outward thrust on other primates who still knuckle-walk required a larger penis in men for a longer penetration into the a now harder to reach vagina. According to this theory, a longer penis in men and a sexual attraction to them are thus evolutionary adaptations facilitating human reproduction. Like I said, I'm no expert but it sounds reasonable, and explains the reason why other primates have much smaller penises than humans.
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