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    Whatsup everybody!

    I'm new to the game of PE and looking for a community like this to be a part of and hopefully contribute to. Currently 5.5"EL and 5.1" EG and my goal is 8"L and 6"G!

    I've been doing a jelq routine for almost 2 weeks now an will remeasure in 4 days.

    I have some questions and figure I might as well post them right away:

    What are your thoughts on the penis master?
    vs. jelq alone?
    would wearing it while sleeping be too long of a time span?
    I trust your opinion on the matter and want to go about it in a safe manner, yet I also see that you seem to be affiliated with the product, could you explain that in further detail?
    Is there a risk of impotency like with weight hanging when using the penis master?

    Goal is an increase of 1"eg and 2.5"EL

    Thanks everyone!
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