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    ok i was following the advanced pe routine as it is my 3rd cycle of PE this is my last week (last day incylce tommorow) in the 3rd cycle and when doing doing the stretch from one leg to the other , i heard this
    Strained/sore ligaments and ligament "pops"- Sore ligaments are a sign that your workout was intense enough to cause an adaptative response in the penis. The key is to avoiding injury is to avoid excessive soreness. A very slight soreness the next day is fine. The suspensory and ancillary ligaments of the penis can be damaged by using excessive force. If your ligs are frequently sore or are so sore the next day that you feel discomfort, that's a sign of overtraining! The remedy to this would be to reduce the intensity, volume, and/or frequency of your workouts. Alternate applying hot and cold packs to the area to help speed healing. Failure to allow your ligs to recuperate can result in strains or even tears- in which case you'll require surgical intervention to restore proper penile functioning.
    Some men feel and even hear a "pop" in their ligs as they do their stretching exercises. This is actually quite normal and is analagous to the noise that you hear when you crack your knuckles. Of course, any popping noise that's followed by pain should get immediate medical treatment.

    it exactly happened , apart from , there was no pain it was like i just clicked my knuckle or finger , so carry on for last day of cycle or miss out tommorow and start again after the week off?
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