help finding 2 movies.

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    Aug 23, 2006
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    i didnt know where i should post this, but i was hoping u guys could help me find 2 movies that i used 2 have downloaded that i want 2 track down again.

    the first movie was a twink movies, i really like the eurocreme bareback stuff, so it mite have been a eurocreme movie, but i dont think it was a bareback 1, there was a solo scene in the movie(which is the scene that i am interested in) with a guy wanking off, he was wearing a red football shirt i think, could have been man u or something, he had a big cock, i remember being disappointed that i didnt get 2 see him fucking any1.

    the second movie was actually a transexual movie, not something i am usually in2, but it had a scene in the movie with a black t-girl and 2 latino looking guys, the t-girl had a huge cock and did most of the fucking, she took turns in fucking the two guys, they fucked on a sofa mostly, there were lots of penetration shots in this in this movies and close ups which is wot i liked about it, oh it was also bareback. i'v attached a pic i found that looks like the t-girl from the movie, tho it totally mite not be.

    any help and replies r appreitiated.

    thanx x

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