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    Well im going to be a 2nd year student now at college this september and cant wait! I love the college life, beer, women, etc! but im havin a bit of a problem with the women section. Im really into girl and jst love them ha! I go out everynite of the week with my mates and party alot! Im havin a bit of a problem with the ladies! I always put myself out there to them and get flirtin with them and shit but i can never seem to get any further. I did with a few girls but they made the first move. I seem to be lackin confidence in makin the first move with girls and then wen i get them home with me I be so nervous at the thought of having sex with them... Can any one please help me, some advice etc. Im sure im not the onli one with this prob!
    Cheers lads!!
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    All I can say guy is practice makes perfect (and the nerves calm down eventually too!). Enjoy yourself, stay safe, and eventually the more you "date" the more confidence you will get and the less nervous you will get. Some nerves are normal!!
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    dood...don't chase em..let them chase u...get ur ass into the some fuckin muscles other then ur breeder...and the self confidence will increase as u start bangin the ur pec, thighs, quads calves, bi and tri ceps...and work ur shoulders and forearms...and how are u abs?
    quit drinking beer...chics think if ur in the bag..u can't get it up..and they don't want to fuck with a guy that is drunk...
    and get smart...ur in college for two goals...and family...where u got the impression college is a party time...i dunno..but u couldn't be more wrong.
    chics go there for career degree and a MRS. degree...cuz..once ur ought of school...the pickings get really slim...why...everyone got married while in college..

    mull it over...and see what the guys are doing that get all the dates..vs you...
    at that should be obvious..u r on the wrong road..if your goal is to date...
    dating is not the same as fucking...anyone can fuck...its dating that is far more serious

    and this will be far more evident in your sophomore and Jr year in school...
    and u can save this email...cuz u won't know I'm correct until the time has passed...

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