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    I've gotten involved in a sort of relationship recently, and I can't figure out what's going on. Maybe you relationship geniuses can help me out with this. This is kind of long, so please bear with me.

    A couple of months ago, the nude recreation group of which I'm a member was helping to sponsor a function at the local resort. The group rents a cabin at the resort for occasions like this where one can stay overnight. It has a queen-sized bed plus a queen-sized futon for sleeping, and there's a big couch that someone can sleep on if desired. I found out that one other person would be staying there that weekend as well, a woman that I had gotten to know through club activities. Technically, she's single, although she had stated that she has a boyfriend (who is also a member of the club) and that they have an open relationship. All in all, we had a nice time together. She's fairly intelligent and has a good sense of humor, and overall has a very charming personality which many of the club members enjoy. During the evenings we lay on the bed and watched movies on the DVD player until we got too tired to watch any more, and then she'd retire to the futon and I'd go to sleep in the bed. The weekend was a lot of fun, and afterward I thought about e-mailing her to see if we could do anything else together.

    As it turned out, I didn't have to e-mail her. She e-mailed me, saying that I was a good roommate and hoped to see me soon. I replied saying that I agreed and suggested accompanying her to the cabin the next time she stayed there. It would be a month later before that happened, when the club was sponsoring another function at the resort over a weekend. Friday night I cooked dinner for us, and we ate and had a nice conversation, then later watched more DVDs as before. Saturday was going to be different, because one of the other club members had reserved a place in the cabin for that night, so there would be three of us. That afternoon, she came up to me and said that she didn't want to sound too forward, but that she wanted to sleep in the bed along with me that night so that the other guy could use the futon, and I agreed. As it turned out, for some reason that evening the other guy decided not to stay after all, so we again had the cabin to ourselves. Even though the futon was now available, she said that she'd still like to sleep in the bed with me (it is more comfortable than the futon). So that night we again watched DVDs into the wee hours of the morning until we were too tired to continue, and then we went to sleep together.

    (At this point, please note that when I use the phrase "sleep together", I emphasize the word "sleep", as in being asleep the whole time. I'm sorry to disappoint those of you looking for wank material, but there it is. Try visiting the "Fictitious Stories" forum....)

    Both of us being night owls, we slept until the late morning. I awoke, and it just seemed the most natural thing in the world for me to snuggle up against her back and wrap my arm around her shoulder. We did that on and off for the next couple of hours until we finally got up. We spent the rest of Sunday straightening things up and visiting some of her friends at the resort. As usual, we watched DVDs that night before going to sleep. We spent the morning cuddling as we did the previous day and finally got up in the afternoon. When we parted that day, she thanked me for cuddling with her and suggested we should do something together in the future. I liked the idea fine, but at this point I was getting confused as to exactly what kind of relationship we had here.

    The next weekend was our Thanksgiving party. I didn't get much of a chance to talk with her since she was busy socializing. She came with her boyfriend, although as usual when they came to a function they stayed mostly apart. The next week was the week of Thanksgiving, and she called me on Thanksgiving Day to wish me a nice holiday. I tried to see if we could get together the next week, but she called to say that she apologized for doing anything that might have led me to believe that anything romantic was going on between us and that we should be just friends. I told her that I was okay with that, but as the call went on she seemed to get more upset and finally said that she couldn't talk anymore and hung up. Over the next two weeks we exchanged a couple of e-mails and appear to have worked things out and are talking about doing some friendly things in the future.

    So it appears that we are friends now, but I'm still confused as to what happened and as to what's happening now. I have some ideas about it, but I'd like to know what the rest of you think. I should note that I left out a lot of background information and details, or this post could've been twice as long, so feel free to ask questions. I'll check back in soon to see what you've come up with.
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