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    Please help me out...I have visited a pretty popular website that features live web cams. For the most part, its been really cool visiting,watching, and chatting. What concerns me is quite a few of the people on cam appear underage. i can't be certain cuz there are many asians on there, and i realize they tend to be smaller and younger looking then americans. I have questioned the site and they assured me all models were over 18. Does anyone know the legalities of such a situation? I do not want to break any laws. Currently, if i come across one that looks young, i move on to one that is definately older. Plus, (I don't want to save the world or anything!) is there a website that I could (or should) this possible abuse of minors? Thanks a lot for your help, its been bothering me and i just wanna do the right thing.
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    is it a site where the public broadcasts their cams for others to watch, or is it a paysite that supplies people to view on webcam?

    if its the former, then im betting that their age verification is no more stringent than on this site.*counts on hands the number of times underage people posted here looking for advice*

    its not hard to put in a "slightly exaggerated" birth date to get access to a site. if there were minors there, it would be considered perjury on the part of the minors. i doubt the website would be accountable for it. (woot for TOS.) if i were you i would only stick to those of whose age i can easily confirm.

    if its the latter, then the site would definitely be at fault, as they are required to verify that their models are of legal age.

    im not sure of the legalities concerning those who unknowingly watch the possible minors, but i think youre doing the right thing by staying on the safe side because all it takes is one wrong charge like that and youre marked for life whether youre innocent or guilty.
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