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Helping the boss


Superior Member
Aug 16, 2012
, Indiana, United States of America
50% Straight, 50% Gay
I walked toward Mark, my boss, office…. Just before i reached the door, Jenni walked out….. tall, long blonde hair, curvy in all the right places. Her hips were wrapped in tight ass yoga pants and her round fat ass looked spectacular. She smiled, winked, and turned headed to her cubical.

I entered Mark’s office.

“What’s up boss?” I asked…. He sat in his chair away from his desk looked noticeably uncomfortable and agitated. He was staring passed me at the empty speedway and was subconsciously rubbing his crotch which was clearly bulging.

“Oh my God Matt…. I’m so sorry” he snapped out of his trance, realizing i had walked in as he was pleasing himself though his pants. He jumped up. His pants tented outward from his obvious erection.

I smiled. “It’s ok” and I laughed nervously. I realized I was staring at his large bulge.

“You ok sir?” I asked.

“Man. That Jenni drives me insane. She’s so fucking hot”. He began. “ she’s so sweet and flirty”.

“Yeah she is” I replied.

“It doesn’t help my wife isn’t interested in sex” he continued. “We haven’t had any sexual encounters for few years” he said sadly.

“What?!?” I exclaimed, taken aback. “You’re kidding?… that’s rough….”

“Yeah… she’s just not interested at all” he groaned…. Subconsciously rubbing his bulge again, thinking about the woman that had just left his office

I shut his door and stepped closer…. Taking a chance….. i reached out and pushed my hand between his and his bulge, ran my hand under is cock and and down to his heavy balls.

“Woah Matt, what the fuck are you doing?” He snapped “I’m not into that kind of stuff” however the fact I felt his cock harden against my hand said otherwise. He pulled back…. Slightly. I reached out farther continued to massage his bulge and balls.

“Dude. I’m your boss! Stop now. I’m not into men!” He said loudly but honestly I wasn’t convinced. And i unzipped his pants and slid my hand inside.

Instead of getting more angry, He moaned slightly as my hand grasped his thick cock still covered by his underwear and stroked downward and back slowly.

“I’m just trying to help” I said softly. “You look like you need to let off some steam and relax. I’m just helping you with that, and I reached my hand into his underwear, grasping his incredibly fat cock in my hand and moved closer to him…. He did not move at all as I began to jerk him off slowly.

“Oh my god” he said quietly as my hand moved up and down his throbbing dick.

“Matt… we can’t do this… I can’t do this. I’m not into men…… oh.. uh.. ooh Jesus” he said as i gripped him a little harder and stoked faster.

“Just let this happen”. I said. “Let me help you relax” I smiled looking at his face.

He just looked at me embarrassed but intense.

“It’s ok man. Enjoy this” I said and smiled more. He seemed to relax a little. We stood by his desk. Facing each other. My hand stroking his large dick. He moved closer against me, he continued to moan softly and he eventually placed his head on my shoulder as I stroked him.

“your cock is incredible Mark” I whispered in his ear. I felt his cock swell in my grip. I heard his breath become short. He began to moan and groan. “Oh Fuck man” he moaned. His dick growing harder. “I’m going to cum…”.

“Ok… let it go” I said softly in his ear.

“I cant. I’m in my suit. I have a meeting in a few minutes. I cant cum here and on my pants. Just stop and I’ll finish myself in the bathroom” he moaned

“No way” I said and pushed him into his chair, kneeling between his legs. I undid his belt and pulled his underwear down below his enormous cock and balls.

“Just let it go. I won’t let you get dirty” I said. Staring at his gorgeous Dick I continued to jerk him off. It was a nice length. About 6.5-7”, but Jesus it was thick as hell. The shaft was easily the size of a can of Coke and even thicker at the base. His throbbing purple had was narrower and pointed. His engorged shaft was veiny.

“I’m going to cum man… stop. I’ll make a mess. Come on.stop Sto…… oh my Fucking god” he groaned loudly as mouth enveloped the tip of his cock my tongue swirling around it like a tornado.

“Oh fuck. Oh Fuck oh Fuck” Mark kept saying as I sucked and licked his head.

“Stop man. Stop. I’m going to cum. Oh my god”. He groaned

His cock was was so thick. But I wasn’t going to let him make a mess, I slowly moved my lips down his shaft. Feeling his thickness stretch my mouth, my lips splitting slightly. His tip began to enter my throat. My face touched his stomach. My beard tangled with his bush.

“Oh Fuck man I’m Cumming uunnnngggg uuunng fuck stop uuunng. Uummmnhhg he was attempting tto push me off of him as I felt his cock erupt. A flood of hot Cum flooded down my throat into my stomach.
His dick sprayed cum into me 5 or 6 times.

“Jesus Christ” he groaned panting as his cock finally stopped erupting and I slowly began to pull my mouth of his cock. Making sure to lick every inch.

I sucked and licked him clean and looked up at him. My hand massaging his heavy balls

“See.. no mess” I smiled and winked

“Oh my God” he moaned.

“You have a meeting sir and I need to go too” I pulled His underwear back over his dick and zipped his pants back up, buckling his belt I stood. Making sure to rub his bulge one more time.

I hope I helped” I said He didn’t respond.

“I’ll see you later sir ” I said as I left the office

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