Hetero Hung man needed in Bucharest, romania

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    I am looking for a well endowed man located in Bucharest, Romania. It is very important this person shouldn't be a romanian national. (The girl in question wants to keep a good reputation in her country).

    I have a female friend who is located in Bucharest, Romania. For me, it would be a huge turn-on, if she tries a real large penis. She is 22 and good looking. That would be a purely sexual relationship.

    I will not be in the place if you have sex with her. I just want her to speak about this sexual experience to me afterwards. ( This is the turn-on for me).

    Drop me a message in pvt. I will give all the guarantees yo need (photo and proof) and i need also all the guarantees from you ( proof of size)

    thank you.
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    how do you know how big she is after has she mentioned this
    also what does she want out of sex...
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