Heterosexual Fantasy part two

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    This story makes more sense if you read Heterosexual Fantasy: Flashlight at the nurses station first.

    Debbie enjoyed her kid sister’s company. They constantly laughed and shared secrets. Clothes, work, guys; they talked about everything. Debbie didn’t tell her husband all of the secrets between her and Linda, but she knew JJ did like sex stories about big dicks and so she did encourage Linda to share all the details when the subject of sex came up.

    Linda was a hell cat back home before she came to live with JJ and Debbie in the big city. Debbie’s husband knew Linda was a party girl and, though he was faithful to his wife, he liked it when Debbie’s kid sister told her stories about the sexual adventures she had seen or heard around the hospital where she worked.

    One afternoon Linda invited Debbie to come down with her to the hospital to meet the other nurses on the floor where she was currently assigned.

    The duty nurse for the floor was a terrific lady named Jackie; a warm hearted African American woman with a friendly loud personality but very overweight. Debbie told Linda that Jackie sits at the desk all day moving binders from one side of the counter to the other. The other nurses enjoy her pleasant manner and dirty jokes, but sometimes worry that if there ever was a serious emergency on the floor and Jackie had to do any physical work she might have a heart attack.

    Most of the girls on the floor were single and in their early to mid twenties or thirty at the most. Jackie, the head nurse for the floor was 48 years old and she had been nursing for over 29 years. In her loud and friendly voice she would tell the girls that she had been a nurse since before they were born, “I was probably working in a hospital the night you were conceived” she would say to the nurses with a loud laugh.

    “Just think” She would embarrass the new nurses. “Your Daddy was probably makin’ whoppy with your mamma while I was given some young stud an enema. I wonder who finished first,” Jackie would jab the young nurse with her huge fat elbow, “your parents or my patient?”

    “When I was your age missy” she would conclude with a wink and a big laugh, “I could usually get my horny young patients off with a simple sponge bath and a few love strokes. remind me to tell you some stories."

    Jackie had three boys, two in the marines and one finishing high school. She told the girls they were all big healthy athletic men over six feet and horny as hell. She was always teasing the nurses on the floor that her horny boys were jealous that their mother went to work on a floor of the hospital with a dozen beautiful young nurses and 30 mattresses.

    Walking into the hospital, Linda told her sister Debbie about Jackie and her crude jokes. She told her about Jackie’s three sons and the joke about the 30 mattresses. Debbie smiled and asked her sister (hoping to get a big dick story for JJ) what does Jackie mean by good athletic “healthy specimens”.

    “I don’t know” whispered Linda as they stepped onto the empty elevator. “I haven’t seen the boys, but judging by the size of Jackie her old man must have a fuckin’ big cock to make babies with that woman!” They both laughed just as the elevator door opened on the fourth floor.

    Linda introduced Debbie to Jackie as soon as they arrived on the fourth floor. It was difficult to miss her. As soon as the elevator doors open you see this large black smiling face behind the counter and even before the elevator doors open you hear her loud friendly laugh.

    “Jackie this is my sister Debbie” said Linda still laughing from the elevator conversation. “I’m staying at her apartment next to the Safeway store on Baker Street until a room in the nurses’ residence becomes available”

    “Nice to meet you Debbie,” Jackie smiled and stood up. A mountain of a woman thought Debbie. “My youngest boy Michael works at the Safeway store on Baker Street.” She thrust her fat arm across the counter to shake Debbie’s hand.

    Debbie immediately thought about the boys that worked at the Safeway. Jackie was black and there was only one black guy that worked at the grocery store. He was tall and muscular and always wore his tight white button down Safeway shirt open halfway down his chest to show off his well defined pectoral muscles. He liked to chat up the ladies in the check-out lines and offer to carry your bags to your car.

    The cuffs on the sleeves were usually turned up and you could see the muscles on Michael’s thick forearms working as he put the groceries into the bags. His huge hands seemed to swallow the cans as he lifted them off the conveyor belt. As he bent over the packing bags his shoulders were at eye level. Debbie would look at the muscles on his shoulders working as he lifted the bags, they were as broad and thick as anything she had seen. Standing watching him pack the food stuff she wanted to reach out and touch those massive shoulders.

    He always wore baggy black pants that hung low on his hips. Being seventeen, Michael tried to be cool. He tried to look like a Rap artist but it was kind of hard to do because he still had to dress like a Safeway stock boy. Debbie thought it would look stupid on anyone who wasn't so hot. On Michael it was cute, the white button shirt like an office clerk above the waist and rapper pants below.

    His pants were held up by an extra long belt made of a blood red canvass cloth with an extra ten inches of strap that hung down the front of his pants bringing attention to his crotch.

    Debbie was always glad when the muscular young man would offer to take her bags to her car. Watching his broad shoulders as he walked ahead out the door, she would think he might be good material for one of her husband’s fantasy stories about big cocks. Debbie would glance at the belt hanging down his crotch and smile. She wanted to get a better idea of his package. She would toss her hair back over her shoulders so the horny teenager could get a look at her 36D breasts.

    She liked to look at the material of his pants tighten across is butt as he lowered the groceries into the back of her car. She wondered if she put her hands on his muscular chest and rubbed his nipples could she cause the front of the pants to tent up. If he turned around she could put her hand around his pole and feel how big he really was in those baggy black pants.

    When she told her husband that there was a muscular young black guy at the grocery store with a huge bulge in his pants she didn’t realize until now that it was Jackie’s son. She never really did see any bulge in his pants; it was just a fantasy for her husband’s benefit. Nevertheless, the red belt did catch her attention and made her wonder if she should invite him to help her take the groceries home.

    His big hands would set the packages down on the kitchen counter and then he would grab her tight butt …

    “Debbie? Debbie? Are you paying attention?” Linda’s voice broke into Debbie’s day dream.

    “Jackie has three boys. The other two are off in the marines. She keeps telling us her boys want to come and work the night shift with all the nurses.” Linda said with a broad smile and an exaggerated wink to her sister.

    Debbie started to go red in the face. She wondered if Jackie could read her mind and knew the fantasies she had been thinking about her son the grocery clerk.

    “Oh they are typical boys” explained Jackie. “I would catch them masturbating and tell them to stop it or they will go blind. They say they will stop when they need glasses.” Jackie laughs loudly at her own joke.

    As she laughs she slaps her open hand down on the counter of the nursing station. The night flashlight falls out of its holder and drops to the floor. It rolls between Linda’s feet. The flashlight is big and black and beside Linda’s small white tennis shoes and the clean hospital floor it looks menacing.

    Linda had told her sister about Doctor Roemer, but hadn’t told her yet about her own encounter with the human flashlight. As both sisters stared at the big black plastic object on the floor the raunchy den mother turns to Linda and with an open hand and the fat giggling down from her upper arm she swings and slaps Linda’s tight muscular bum. As the sound of the slap rings from Linda’s ass, Duty Nurse Jackie says “If you use the flashlight every night you won’t go blind! Isn’t that right Linda?”

    This time it was Linda’s turn to be embarrassed. Her Auburn pixie cut hair framed her red face. Staring at the big black flashlight at her sister’s feet. Linda wondered if Duty Nurse Jackie knew she was with Dr. Roemer the night before.

    She thought about his thick chest and broad shoulders pushing her down on the bed and the huge balls hanging in her face as he ate her out. Her ass cheek tingled from where Jackie had slapped her, but the tingle in her pussy thinking about last night was what she was enjoying the most.

    Debbie bent over and picked up the impressive night light. Getting into the raunchy humour of Duty Nurse Jackie (or is that dirty nurse Jackie?) she handed it back to her and says “I guess if this one is broken your boys would be glad to bring theirs in for the night shift.”

    “You know young men. Day or night my boys like to shine their light any time they can.” Jackie replied with a big smile.

    Linda and Debbie both laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. Jackie was just being Jackie, a big warm friendly den mother to the girls on the floor. She was having fun, but the two sisters were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

    Jackie’s innocent joking had awakened fantasies in each of them and they were both rather horny. Linda told Jackie they had to go do some shopping and had to go.

    “Say hello to my boy at the Safeway the next time you see him.” smiled Jackie as the elevator door opened and the two sisters left the floor.

    On the way home in the car Debbie told Linda about the adventure with Dr. Roemer the night before.

    “When the flash light ended up between your feet I thought I was going to die.” Linda told Debbie in a stage whisper. “Remember I told you about Dr. Roemer the human flashlight? Well last night I got to check out the rumours for myself. And they are true. He is as big as that black flashlight on the floor between your legs.”

    “Your tennis shoes looked tiny beside that monster!” continued Linda. “And to think I had one that big last night.”

    “You can’t stop there you have to tell me every detail.” squealed Debbie.

    By the time they got to the supermarket to pick up something for dinner they were both very horny.

    Jackie’s son Michael wasn’t on that afternoon, but Debbie told her sister she had fantasized about Michael several times. “I wonder if he has a flashlight like your doctor friend?”

    They agreed they would look for Michael the next time they were at the store.
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