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    I hope all of you are finding at least slowly motivation and results to improve all our communications. I enjoy the forem, but still learning it. This site seems more real than any I have ever seen. feel free to send your interests and experiences to me. I purchases some penis rings from cut/uncut website, but they were all to small, so wasted money. I have a big head and some vascularity and working on the foreskin stretch, Ready to try those marbles like uncut here. Vacume pumps work great before sex if you dont over do it. Taking it off and on allows blood to circulate and that seems to be about what jelging does, circulation improves cell building. Guys we have to get our brain in gear and visualize growth growth. I believe in you all. Country needs men taking things into their own hands. We can win the war on silence and virility right here penis by penis and be all that we can be. best growth methods you have found out share with me please. Pictures later.:smile: I want to feel your excitement bulging by in our get big area during the day at times, very healthy. what do you think
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    Can you feel my excitement! Where are those men? Welcome, kindred Spirit:biggrin1:
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