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    just signed-up with this site and know I will find it very interesting to read postings and such. I am a retired massage therapist/instructor who lives in NW Ohio after spending most all my life in FL. I am a very touchy-feely kind-a guy who still loves to work on achey bodies and people who are in chronic pain. Also, have a MS in hypnotherapy and enjoy assisting other to get control over a bad habit, ie, smoking, drinking, and such. I live with another gay man, who is blind, as house mates. Guess that is just the care giver in me speaking.
    I like to cook, am a food editor for a national cooking magazine, enjoy music of all types, gospel to soft rock, the arts, and fine dining. Had to have prostate surgery 3 years ago and no longer can get junior up for business. However, I still enjoy getting together with "friends" for fun and games! Love chatting with people all over the world and sharing stories and jokes of all kinds with them. And beleive me when I say I have seen some really BIG penises in my profession while doing massage!! To me, it is not only the size that is inviting, it is the guy who owns the penis that makes all the difference in the world! :biggrin1:
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