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    I just want to say Happy mothers day to all the mothers here.And to all the guys here who mite be a mother and a father to there kids or others.I wanted to express my feelings and to say thanks.Thanks to all the War vets who mite be on this site.Why you ask.I have noticed when a soldier dies in the middle east,and brought back home.The Vietnam vets are there to welcome them and to honor there service.Yes you can say its the brother in arms tradition.But i remember in school seeing how we treated them when they came back from southeast asia.Calling them names and spitting on them.I just want to express my feelings and say thanks,to all vets from all nations who might be here on this site.Now if some here dont like this thread dont read.Go play somewhere else.Thanks and now back to the lurk room
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    Well said TH. Soldiers don't choose which war to fight in but go when told to by their superiors. They have to deal with all sorts of S&#T when over there and then deal with more of it when they come back home (those fortunate to be able to return to loved ones) from all the pacifists who only focus on the few bad apples in the Army/Navy/Air Force, etc who bring bad publicity for their actions.

    I had an uncle who served two tours of duty in 'Nam and who only survived the second tour because his buddy took a shot for him. So for any soldiers here all I wll say is;

    ":grinning-smiley-003 You're the Best :fing02:"
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