Hi from cleethorpes- big tool needed

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    I appreciate that this may sound strange fella's,,, please read on.

    I'm a 37yr old hard working, honest, fit white guy and would like to see my missess handle a large tool. I have not spoken to her about it, so I thought the best way to deal with this would be to meet up before hand and discuss the best way forward. I rekon if we all went out for a beer or several we could take it from there.

    This is a no strings request, however some thought would be needed.

    Let me know what you think. I would say that I have asked this question and had a couple of responses, however the people conserned were time waisters. This I dont understand. This is a genuine opportunity,,,,, yes it may involve a bit of work, but come on fellas if you have abig tool and would like sex with an extremely attractive 34yr old, white, large busted, slim women,,,,, I thought men would be forming a line.

    There are no strings attached, no fuss, no big deals. I will not be participating only viewing nothing more. The beers are on me and if you are coming by train,,, I dont even mind picking up the tab.

    We may need to get drunk,,,, but hey thats a part of the fun.

    This is a genuine opportunity. If you think my approach is wrong let me know.

    Many thanks

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