Hi, Im new got a few problems...

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Knight-7x6, Aug 19, 2004.

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    Aug 19, 2004
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    Hi guys (and gals). Sorta new to this site, last time I came was a while back but registered this time cos I'm really worried. Not that I think I'm big (measurements, as in the name are 7" long and 6" around). 18 btw.

    Basically, I've become some kind of cyber gigolo, having 'cyber sex' with this older woman.

    She really likes me too, dunno if I'm not just trying it on but I can't help carrying it on for some reason. Cyber with her is amazing, lasts for an hour at least.

    Problems with this are:

    1. I told the her I was 7.5x6 and wonder if she could tell the diff between 7 and
    2. 6" around doesn't seem that thick to me (yes, paranoid)....will she think it's thin or not?
    3. The 30yo also says wait a few years til I stop growing - haven't I stopped

    3. When I am lying down, my penis seems smaller than usual, is this normal for
    everyone else?

    4. Should I bother trying to make my penis bigger?

    5. What constitues a big penis anyway?

    Thanks guys, any input here is appreciated. Sorry if you get this type of thing a lot but I'm really at a loss.
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    Aug 19, 2004
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    Great Britain
    1. Unless stood next to someone else of 7.5", probably not, but at that size, does it matter anyway? If there really is something between you, she's not going to get picky over a half-inch exaggeration, and if she does, then to be honest, she's probably not worth it.
    2. I'm also 6" girth, and have been told I'm thick, but really this again comes down to much the same thing. If she does say you're thin, I'm pretty sure you can be confident that whoever she is (most unfairly) comparing you against was freakily thick.
    3. Just like all aspects of puberty, it depends from person to person. I'm 17 and still growing, so why not you at 18?

    2nd 3. Not really thought about that myself...anyone else?
    4. No, by the sounds of it and what I've been told about myself, you sound more than adequate for any woman. Be proud of what you've got, and remember that size isn't everything. It counts to an extent, but as I say, you sound large enough, so don't worry. :)
    5. Define 'big'. Depending on what survey you prefer to read, average is anywhere from around 5" to 6". By either of those standards, at 7" you should have no worries.
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