Hi there! I'm Gay, and you are?

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    Alright so I have a question for you guys and would like some input or suggestions:

    I just recently (month-ish ago) came out to my best friend. That went really well, just as I suspected. Then 2 weeks ago I came out to my other best friend, again this went really well, a little too well if that haha. Then two days ago I came out to another close friend, again very good response.

    Now I have no problem telling people that I am gay if they asked me but I do get tired of coming out to people. Granted it's only been 3 people and I have been fortunate enough for all of them to be amazingly supportive but I just find it obsolete to make sure that everyone knows I am gay. I mean I am still the same guy they knew except now they are aware that I like guys.

    Thing is, Should I make sure to let my close friends know, or should I just let them assume and make subtle remarks like "Gosh He is quite the stud..." or something like that? (okay i might NOT say it like that but you get the idea)

    And also how do I make it aware to other guys that I am interested in know that I am gay. I mean my problem is I tend to be attracted to straight men (not so unique but quite complicated as you can imagine) I mean, this might be a brainless question but should I just continue on befriending them (of course) but hope that something more might happen? Or do something drastic like say introduce myself with "Hi there! I'm gay! and you are?" and hoping they respond with "me too! wanna get some coffee"? (that last question was sarcastic)

    And one more thing. For those of you who have come out to family. Any Advice? I mean I know my mother and brother would be more than supportive, but it just the telling them part that I am nervous about. Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    I came out to 2 people, a girl when I was drunk a a party when i was 18 and my brother. Its was weird I had alot of gay friends at the time and I didn't come out to any of them lol i was too afraid of rejection. When I came out a couple thought I was lying just to fit in because i didn't fit the "stereotype" which I have to admit hurt me because they were supposed to be my friends.

    Well my dad found a letter a friend wrote to me asking me about me and another bloke and he put 2 and 2 together. I got a phonecall from my dad saying he found a letter and he thinks i should burn it, I just thought in my head fuck that I am who I am.

    Anyhoo my Dad basically outted me with everyone (which i was secretly thankful for) lol, not a single straight person said a single negative to me not one. It was the only my gay friends that gave me a hard time, they made me feel like I should have my "gaycard" revoked because I wasn't interested in stereotypical gay things.

    I have 3 younger brothers, two of them were great they didn't give a shit but the one I am closest to was weird with me for a month or so but after that things went back to how they always were.

    edit- to answer your question, it's up to you who choose to come out to, most people treat you the same either way.
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    Hi gay :arms: Im straight, but sometimes i like to go by my other name of 'curious'
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    I'm gender confused gay. I'm a gay man living in a girls body. I've yet to come out to most people just because it surrounds gender and orientation.
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