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    Crystal Shards: My name's Crystal. I'm female, 19, 38B breasts, and a 7" dick. ::laughs:: Boy does it ever make guys jealous when they find out a chick has a bigger dick than they do. (I don't look even remotely masculine either, so it comes sorta out of the blue, so you have the suprise factor in there, too.)
    I'm actually transgendered but I'd rather put "female" than "trans" in the gender box thing because I'm a female first, tranny second.
    I'll probably forget the address here and never post again, but as long as I'm here, what the hell.
    I found the site through somethingawful, they were making fun of the people here. ^_^ I love somethingawful, it's such a great site...

    And now I'm gonna go play video games. :)
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