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Hockey Players Wrestle Naked II

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by cocktailweenie, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. cocktailweenie

    cocktailweenie Sexy Member

    Jun 11, 2007
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    Ontario, Canada
    [Here's the end of the story, as posted before]

    I turned to face him and simply nodded, my mind a jumble of emotions. I found Todd’s challenge so disorienting that he managed to get his hands behind both my knees and expose my upturned ass to my teammates. Then, in his eagerness to repay me for degrading him he slapped me hard on my ass. It was a loud stinging blow which elicited guffaws from everyone in the room, my fans included. As he was preparing to deliver another blow I took the opportunity presented by his distraction to wiggle free.

    On our knees, we clinched again and as I slid my hands up and down his bare torso I felt the hardness of his muscles at work. This was different from touching skinny flab, believe me. As we both grunted and sweated and tussled I could no longer deny that I was feeling pleasure: pleasure at the struggle, at the body contact, at seeing Todd naked. When I got on all fours I knew I was exposing my hairy butthole to my teammates, and I enjoyed that too. As Todd and I separated from another clinch I noticed that his lips were slightly upturned. It was the trace of a smile! And I realized that I probably had one too! Quickly I made eye contact with Todd and frowned to alert him to the danger, and when we resumed the fight we were both appropriately stern faced. But then the team captain signaled the end of the match by blowing a whistle as we had wrestled the allotted five minutes. Somehow I felt cheated by the brevity of the match. We were ordered to face our teammates so the captain could choose the winner. After a brief pause he raised my arm to general acclaim. I turned and faced a sweaty Todd and we both extended our arms for a handshake and as we did so our eyes locked and we nodded in mutual respect. I noticed the faces of many of my teammates were subdued as they contemplated the two naked combatants; I thought I detected the look of jealousy on many of them.

    Because Todd and I were already naked we had the shower room all to ourselves, for a few minutes anyway. We chose to shower next to each other.

    "That was fun" Todd offered as water cascaded down our bodies. I agreed and immediately noticed he had sported a semi – the same as me.

    "You realize of course, that players who fight have to room together on the road for the rest of the season" I said.

    All he said was "Yeah, I know." I felt disappointed he didn’t say anything else but instead turned away so his semi could deflate before the team wandered in.

    Two days later the team had a road game. We arrived at the hotel and went immediately to the assigned rooms. Todd and I were to share a room with Clark and David. I hadn’t spoken to Todd since our shower together after the wrestling match and was a bit nervous. After unpacking, Clark and David made preparations to leave the hotel.

    "How long are you two going to be?" Todd asked.

    "About two hours" said David.

    As soon as they left the room Todd walked over to the door and attached the chain lock; then he proceeded to the center of the room and, without looking at me, started to take off his clothes. I began to perspire watching him do this. When he was completely naked he got down on all fours and turned an expressionless gaze towards me.

    Silently, I began to strip also. After removing the last of my clothes to match his naked state I moved behind him and contemplated his white muscular ass. I hunched down and slid my hand slowly over these mounds, and at the same time glimpsed his enormous uncut wiener dangling below a hairy ball sack. I used both hands to pry apart his butt cheeks; dark swirly hair radiated only a short distance from a pink anus so that when I released my hands his bum appeared smooth. My prick had hardened without my even touching it; curving upward it measured six and a half inches. Todd turned his head and I positioned myself to display it.

    "I didn’t think it would get that long, Brad."

    "I’m a grower" I said before quickly mounting him. My cut cock glided snuggly into his velvet tightness. The pleasure of his insides attacked me in waves and I wanted to prolong it, but foolishly I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was stiff to the touch and enormously long, which excited me beyond description, so that I was near to climaxing. As my strokes increased in speed I reached down to finger and squeeze his exposed knob. This final explosion of pleasure happened so quickly I barely had time to disengage myself and scamper around to Todd’s front, where I aimed a hot load into his startled face. Then I mashed my cum into his nose and blinking eyes.

    "Todd, what the hell…"

    "I won the match, remember?" was all I could offer as an explanation.

    When he tried to speak again I gathered some dripping cum from his cheek and shoved it in his mouth. After swallowing it and grimacing he said "now it’s my turn," as he stood up, pushed me to the floor, and stood over me squirting his load on my chest. He leaned down and wiped HIS cum from my torso and shoved it into MY mouth. It tasted terrible.

    To clean ourselves we bathed together, soaping each other up. When I reached for his long prick to wash I caught a look of smug pride in his eyes. All I could do was shrug. I supposed it was rude not to indulge his vanity so I asked him for a precise measurement when erect. When he told me "eight and a half" I just nodded and continued to wash his foreskin.

    After a pause I was the recipient of this startling news, delivered dead pan: "Mine’s bigger than yours."

    I smiled and said: "I know Todd, I know."
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