Hollywood Knight

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    So I think this is a good idea...would love to here back which celebs you want Ty to conquer...

    A crowd of people shrieked with terror as the figure fell from the tenth story flailing their limbs.
    “I can’t watch,” said an elderly woman and she covered her eyes as the body hit the ground.
    “Cut!” yelled an older man as he ran up to the giant mat smiling. “Great take, Tyson. I think that’ll do it for today.”
    “Awesome,” said a tall and dark man in his late 20s. His name was Tyson Knight, a stuntman in Hollywood. He gave the director a handshake and headed toward his trailer to change. He entered his trailer and unbuttoned the blue dress shirt he wore for the scene. He had a sculpted body with huge ripped pecs, bulging biceps and washboard for abs. Next he unzipped his pants and dropped them and his boxers to the floor exposing a huge, limp piece of meat. His college girlfriend had measured him once and he always remembered her amazement as she sized it up at 8 inches soft. Tyson loved his job and part of it meant keeping his body in top condition. This meant going to the gym everyday, a place where he got plenty of looks in the shower. But, Tyson wasn’t into guys he loved sweet, wet pussy. That’s where this story gets really interesting. Tyson wasn’t just a stuntman in Hollywood; he also ran his own service business called Hollywood Knight. That’s right; Ty was Hollywood’s number one gigolo for the stars. He loved every encounter with some of the most beautiful and popular women in the world and they loved every inch he gave them.
    After his shower in the trailer, Ty checked his cell phone. He had one text message, it read: Hey Ty, need that rod in me tonight, Scarlett.
    Tyson smiled, he loved giving it to that star. He texted back and they set up a time. It was nine o’clock and Ty walked into a high-rise building that housed Scarlett’s condo. He went up to the 30th floor and knocked on the cherry wood door. She opened it slightly and gave a seductive grin.
    “I’ve been waiting,” she said in her sexy, throaty voice. “I couldn’t wait so I’m ready to go.
    He could see this, as her tiny running shorts couldn’t hide the wetness spread on here creamy, white thighs. On top she wore a white tank top with no bra and her nipples where practically cutting through the cotton. Scarlett moved close to Tyson and kissed him slowly. Then she dropped to her knees and pulled down Ty’s running shorts. She gasped at his giggling, soft meat.
    “I’m still surprised at how big it is,” she said with wonderment. “It’s bigger than any I’ve ever seen. And it’s still soft.”
    “Biggest meat in Hollywood babe,” Tyson replied exhaling as she licked his huge grapefruit sized ball sack.
    Scarlett moved her tongue up the back of his growing shaft and took his huge cockhead between her beautiful full lips. She started sucking harder and harder as Ty’s massive dick kept growing in her mouth. Her eyes widened as it reached its full size. She pulled her mouth away gasping as she jerked him both of her tiny little hands.
    “Are you getting bigger on me?” she question sheepishly.
    “I don’t know babe but what’s the difference anyways, I’m 13 fucking inches and tonight every last one of them is yours.”
    She kept jerking Ty with her left hand and dropped her right one between her legs, stroking her freshly groomed pussy. She slid a finger in and slowly reached for her g-spot. A quiver shot up her body as she found it in her tight little cunt....
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