Homage to superstar of LPSG part 2 of 2

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    continuation of the homage part 1 or 2

    14. Sal and I--matched in endowment--and things intellectual
    Though 7” shorter--he calls me Little man--”so are we equal?”
    New HW* boxing champ--was 7” shorter
    Than opponent--but whipped his asser
    Pugilist lessons--I am taking--so Sal be mindful!
    “New heavy weight world champion was not expected to overcome the much taller and bulkier foe but he did.

    15. Holland’s known--for Dutch Masters--and tulip flowers
    And their orgies--where Sal gained fame--for his sexual powers
    Once he fucked 20 gals--with iron member
    And still twas not--the least bit limber
    So then plugged 3 inch dike hole--held back flood waters-- for o’er 2 hours.

    16. Hit TV’s “Hung”--has Tom Jane--with matchless body
    His 40ish gigolo--e’ev without cock shots--is still a hottie
    But in ’10--I’ll star in the sequel
    And in ’11--Sal in the prequel
    With rawer sex--as we’ll often have--wide screen full monties

    17. Sal’s woman--must be sexy, model legs--and super busty
    And be able--to enclose his cock fully--must she
    One day fiancée--took him aside
    And to him--did gladly confide
    That now at last--she had a G-22*..size pussy
    *largest size condom available in world.

    18. Sexiest man--with 5 lb meat--is my friend Salem
    Though most time nude--and steely erect--poses a conundrum
    How does he stand up--so very straight
    With all that way out--front weight
    He’s counterbalanced--with a sandbag size--bum

    19. Sal at bank--was behind man and girl--each with a gun
    They laughed to see--that beat his meat--he’d begun
    But with one jet squirt--Sal did blind him
    And disabling cunt shot--to gal aside him
    Got big reward--and in 9 months--also a new son.

    20. Sal had prepped fondue party--Swiss friends--to please
    Forgot the bread--with which to use--to eat with ease
    So offered cock--for the dipping
    With sweet nectar--from his dripping
    And now sold--in posh markets--as Sal’s cream cheese

    21. Billiard factory--found its gold standard--to be flawed
    So emergency re-tooling--was required--with a recall
    Sal offered them--one of his testosteroidals
    Was proper size--’n perfectly spheroidal
    Got Rolls Royce--and thank God--he was triple balled.

    22. Sal was watching--very last episode of Lost--in a bar
    Then a nympho--dragged him out--to her car
    He had her cumming--for over an hour
    Then for another--washed her with his cum shower
    And was most glad--that he had preprogrammed..his DVR

    23. As Phelpsian--is to sports--absolute tops in prowess
    Salemian is--for Male perfection--and sexual excess
    For me--he’s a God send
    The very best--and trusted friend
    And I wish for him--all the best--and success in erotic lit where he’s peerless.
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