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    It was the end of the school day, as I pulled into my driveway with the most beautiful girl named Julie. As we entered the house, my father was sitting in the living room reading a book. As we past by on our way to the kitchen, my dad called me back to the living room, and handed me a condom. I just put it in my pocket. I returned to the kitchen, and Julie was sitting at the counter in a cute little skirt and the school shirt on. Whatever she wore always made her look sexy.

    As I started to the refrigerator to get something to drink, she pulled me in for a kiss. She started to kiss my neck, which was driving me crazy. I was here in the kitchen making out with this girl who tits I could feel thru her shirt. I began to rub her tits. She started to suck on my neck harder and faster. I was wearing the school shirt and a pair of athletic shorts. I could feel her hand at the top of the shorts, as she pull them out enough to get her hand down to grab my penis.

    I pulled off her shirt, and just let it fall to the floor. Her tits were 34 and she pulled her bra off in the truck on the ride home. I started to put my hand up her skirt as she began to jerk me off. She slide my shorts down my legs leaving my boxers on. As she grabbed my balls, she was going to push me over the limit soon. As I touched her pussy, I could feel her pussy was soaked. She had my cock in her hand, as I reached back to pull off my boxers. As my boxers hit the floor I stepped out of them and moved closer to her.

    I began to slide my dick into her pussy, she started to moan as I began to pump away at her pussy. I lifted her onto the counter, and I started to play with her tits, as I looked at her she at her back arched and her eyes were starting to roll to the back of her head. She glanced her to the door way and there was my father just walking into the kitchen. She started to push back at me to her pussy started to tighten up.

    Just then, she started to moan more as she started to bite my lip, as she started to cum all over my dick. As she finish the most exciting climax, she looked at my dad who was leaving the room. I began again to pump away at her pussy again, as she began to climax again I wanted to release my load inside of her. I withdrew my cock and slammed it back into her, then I withdrew it again and slammed it back in again just then i busted my load inside of her. As I pulled my dick out of her pussy, she sat up to see my neighbor Jesse standing at the window watching us with his pants and boxers around his ankles with his cock in his hand. She got off the counter to put on her shirt.

    As she stood up Jesse started to run away pulling up his boxers, and pants as he tripped falling as he was walking backward. I gathered my clothes and we went up to my room. I told her I had to take a shower, she told me she was going to take a nap while I was taking a shower. As I grabbed a new pair of boxer briefs and a towel. She was laying there watching television. I walked into the bathroom, and I started the water I stepped into the water. As I stepped in I could feel the water just rushing over my dick which was flaccid.

    I got out of the shower, and I dried myself off. I didn't worry about anybody seeing me naked so I just walked to my room. As I entered the room, Julie was laying on the bed sleeping. I climbed in bed with her. I began to pass out next to her.

    I was awaken to her jerking my cock, as she started to run her tongue down my shaft.....
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    hmm not sure if it was a start or an ending but it was good if its a start that is tho seems rushed
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