Homecoming II

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    wvalady1968: You reach into the shower, turn on the water, and adjust the temperature until it’s just right. Then with a whoop, you pick me up and set me down inside the bathtub and follow me in, sliding the door closed. I reach for the shower gel and squirt some into my hand, “I get to go first.” I say with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

    You raise your arms in mock surrender and I rub my hands together to foam the soap. I look down and find that you’re already hard again. I look at you questioningly and you say, “I’ve been this way all week thinking about you, Baby. It’s not going to go away easily.”

    I wrap my sudsy hands around your cock, amazed at the hardness and size. “Have you grown some?” I ask seriously, but your head has fallen back and your eyes are closed. I stroke you gently with one hand, completely covering the length of your shaft, as I lift your ball sack and test the weight of it with my other hand. I gently knead your balls, which brings a low moan from your throat.

    You open your eyes and give me a look that tells me things are going to get very interesting. Filling your hands with the shower gel, you pull me to you to reach behind me and start to slowly massage my butt. I can’t resist taking advantage of the situation, so I rub my nipples back and forth on your chest hair, which makes me moan as my nipples pucker and tighten almost painfully.

    Your hands slide around to my sides and move up and down, feeling how I slope down to my waist only to flare out again with my hips. Suddenly, your arms slip around to my back and tighten around me, and you crush me to you in another hot, fully openmouthed kiss. “I can’t stand it any longer!” you say. “Let’s get out of here.”

    I’m a little unsteady on my feet, so you hold my arm as we step from the tub and grab a couple of fluffy towels. We make a pretense of drying each other off as we walk back to the bed, but there’s a lot more feeling and a lot less drying being done. You pick me up and place me on the bed and follow me down. God, I love the smell of you and the way you feel in my arms.

    Your mouth covers mine and I tug on your bottom lip with my teeth, then I suck it to apologize. Your tongue is suddenly almost completely in my mouth, hard and big, forcing my jaws to open wide. I open my eyes to look at you, but yours are tightly shut and your breathing is rapid. You angle your head to open our mouths even wider as you crush my mouth with yours. I can feel our teeth grinding together as I give myself over to the feeling of power that rushes me. “I do this to him.” I think, and allow my mind to glory in the thought.

    I feel the long, hard hairy length of your body on top of me, and wrap one leg around your hip, straining to get Her closer to you; any part of you will do at this moment. You pull away and put your cheek against mind while you catch your breath. “Just a minute, Baby, I’ll take care of you. Are you ready?”

    “You have no idea” I say and smile at the chuckle that rumbles up from your throat. Your hands are moving over my breasts, and you pause to look at them closely, seeming to watch the contrast of your tanned male hands against the soft, creamy globes as you tease the pink nipples to tighter buds. One hand slides down over my stomach and between my legs. You smile into my eyes when you discover how wet She is. You bring your hand up to your face and look at the wetness shining on your finger then you circle one nipple with that finger tip and drop your head to lick my taste from my breast.

    Your mouth gets harder and hungrier, and you move from breast to breast, sucking and nipping greedily. You continue nipping and kissing as you trail kisses down my stomach. Placing your hands in the insides of my thighs, you gently spread my legs and lift my labia to expose the little nub trembling there. I feel your tongue and lips vibrating and rubbing, then sucking and nipping gently, and I thread my fingers through your hair to cradle your head. I can feel the muscles of my vagina contracting with the motion of your mouth, and reflex makes me arch my back.

    My head is moving from side to side as spasms wrack my body, but you continue mercilessly. I feel the familiar coil winding tighter in my vagina. I know it’s coming. I wish this feeling would go on forever, almost as much as I wish it would come faster.

    I feel myself slip over the edge as my world explodes and I go with the familiar spasmodic bucking of my hips. You're prepared for my climax and have clamped your hands hard on my thighs so you could stay and continue torturing me sweetly through the orgasm.

    My body relaxes and my breathing slows while you rise to kiss me softly and deeply, with my taste still on your mouth. I smile lazily into your beloved face and trace your jaw with one finger. “Thank you.” I say sincerely.

    “Oh, we’re not finished yet, Baby” you say and my heart starts to beat fast again at that promise.
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