Homecoming III

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    wvalady1968: You shift around on the bed, pulling me to my knees so you can place one pillow behind me, and the other under my hips, then you push me gently back into place. Reaching across me, you open the drawer of the bedside table and retrieve the “Kentucky” Jelly. [Not so private joke] You spread my knees with your hands, and crawl between my legs, unscrewing the cap of the tube.

    I look at your large cock, hard, jutting out perpendicular to your body and trembling with the agony of waiting. The veins are rigid around the wide shaft, and I catch my breath with a sudden stab of desire.

    You squeeze some lube onto your fingers and rub some on the head of your cock; then you spread what remains onto the opening of my vagina with the same hand. You lean forward and place one hand by my shoulder to kiss me gently as you use the fingers of your other hand to gently stretch the opening, and the touch of your warm hand on the damp, air cooled labia makes my breath hitch. You continue stretching me slowly as you move down to lick and suck first one rigid nipple then the other.

    “Think She’s ready, Baby?” you ask, and I nod my head in mute response. But I know you can read the doubt in my eyes.

    I open my knees wider as you close in and watch, fascinated, as you position the head of your cock at the wet opening. Slowly, oh, so slowly, you push him in a few inches before reversing direction to pull him out and spread our juices evenly along His length. He feels SO good and my head falls back with a moan. You continue stroking into and out of me. The sensation of being stretched and filled fully is incredible, until I suddenly flinch with pain. You stop immediately and wait while the muscles of my vagina adjust with spasms that clamp down on your cock and pull you a little further in an attempt to reconcile the intruder.

    You begin stroking again and I focus on the rubbing sensation,
    and out,
    and out.

    With both thumbs, you lift my labia so your cock will rub my clit with each movement. I feel that familiar warmth building inside me and welcome the relaxing of my vaginal wall that comes with it. I can tell that each thrust is going a little deeper into the accommodating tunnel. Your groan tells me that you can feel it, too, and you grab my hips to begin to move faster. The room is filled with the sound of our harsh breathing and periodic groaning.

    “Nothing. Nothing in the world feels this good.” I think as I send a prayer of thanks heavenward.

    Your breathing is ragged and you say, “Baby, I’m not going to last long. Want me to get behind you?”

    I murmur my assent, so you pull out and put more lube onto both of us. I get on my knees and spread my legs, pulling a pillow to my chest to rest on, while you crawl between my calves. I feel you place your hands on my hips as I reach between my legs to guide you to the opening. You enter me slowly and smoothly, filling me, stretching me again, and I raise my calves to place them over yours. My legs clutch you tightly as a deep moan of pleasure erupts from my chest. I hear your groan of approval as you begin moving.

    With each inward thrust, your cock head is hitting that magic place. The feeling is so vivid and sharp that I instinctively want to move away, but the pleasure that’s slowly building stops me. Pleasure and pain build together, twisting in my gut, and I hear my screams, objectively, in an out of body sort of way. I can no longer actively participate; my legs are locked on you and my body is rigid as I ride out the internal storm, begging you to go harder.

    My whole concentration is on the sensation that I’m being split in half in sweet agony. If this is death, I’ll gladly die. The pleasure/pain continues to skyrocket until I’m launched out into open space along with fireworks around me. My body contorts and twists in response to the almost violent contractions of my vagina. As though from far away, I hear you shout my name and feel you also buck and groan deep in your throat.

    I am weightless and my bones are jelly. As our breathing slowly returns to normal, you pull out of me and I whimper at the loss. With a throaty laugh, you turn the sheets back and lift me in between the covers. You climb in behind me, pulling my back to the front of your luscious, furry body. My last conscious thought before drifting off is about how good your warm hand feels cupped around my breast.
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