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    "I want your big cock in me now. Can you get away?"

    "Oh my god! Is it serious!" I half shouted into the phone.

    "Serious? What the fuck? No silly, it's not-"

    "I'll be right there!" I slammed the phone shut and turned to my boss. "My son fell at school, I've got to go."

    "That's fine Tom, I hope he's ok."

    "Me too, sir." and I left in a rush, shut off my computer at my desk and headed to my truck.

    On the freeway to her house, I started thinking about the taste of her skin and the scent of her arousal and found myself having to move around as my cock grew harder and got caught in my pants. I could feel it starting to throb and I could barely wait to get there.

    The door was unlocked, and I walked in and locked it behind me. I went up the same stairs I had climbed 100 times before. I was eager in anticipation for her latest surprise.

    I entered her bedroom to the sound of fucking. She lay out on the bed with her legs open and I could hear the buzz of her vibrator. On the screen a man with a huge cock was taking the girl doggie style. I smiled and shut the door. The curtains were closed, and she didn't see me in the shadows by the door. Her jaw opened and she gasped and she closed her eyes and shook for a second. Then she started breathing again. Opened her eyes, and finally focused on the tall man standing at the foot of her bed.

    "Looks like I'm a little late." I said.

    "No, you're just in time." she panted.

    She put her vibrator back over her panties where her clit was and started grinding. I moved up to the side of the bed and undid my belt and dropped my pants to expose my stiff cock. She rolled and turned her head to take it into her mouth. I reached between her legs and put two fingers against her sopping panties where her opening was, and my ring finger pushed against her asshole and brought my palm up to contact the vibrator so that my fingertips were vibrating her holes. She started sucking harder and taking me deeper into her mouth. Her hand was around the base of my shaft, stroking it and her mouth worked the head and as much as she could take in. She finally got it all in, and I started thrusting into her face. I'd pull it out and let her lick the shaft every minute or so.

    I slid my fingers under her panties and got them all slippery with her juices, rubbing her lips and slipping them into her one by one. She was bucking to be entered now. I slipped two fingers into her while she worked her clit with the vibrator. Her g-spot was engorged and throbbing and I massaged it with a come here motion of the finger pads against the soft muscle right where it attached to the base of her clit inside. I reached down and pinched her nipple with my left hand. She winced and I felt her orgasm milking my fingers. She moaned and I slammed my cock into her mouth hard to make the point that she was getting fucked and fucked hard. This sent a second and third wave through her. She was gushing and sloppy wet.

    She let go of my cock and fell back, "Oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god" she panted. I stepped fully out of my jeans and took off my shirt. She turned off the vibrator and scooted around to wrap her legs around my waist. I climbed up on the bed and kissed her. The head of my cock pushing open her wet lips as I kissed her gently. She opened her mouth and kissed me hard as she pushed her hips up to take me in. I felt her stretching as the thick head pushed her open and her lips engulfed it. I slid in slow and deep, taking her breath away. I held it deep and let her get used to the size. She wiggled her hips and moaned and started grinding against me. I pulled almost all the way out, to where just the head was between her lips and kissed her again. Nice and slow. "Mmmm" she growled and planed her feet on the bed and thrust up to take me in again. She was making her point. She slammed up into me fairly hard.

    "Take it hard then" I said coldly. I grabbed her by the throat and moved her to the edge of the bed so that her head was hanging off it like the edge of a cliff. I think she got off on the edge of a cliff feeling. It was her favorite position. I slammed it into her hard and deep and started riding her extra hard. My hand held her throat gently, but strongly enough for her fantasy. She liked being taken hard and being hurt by my big cock. This was all part of her fantasy. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her under me hard. I made her take me as deep as I could go. And I just kept hammering her. She started to make that noise after about 5 minutes and I knew she was getting there. I could feel her pussy getting tense. Everywhere I felt tenseness I slammed my cock into that. Pretty soon the muscles inside her were working with my thrusts, and she managed to say "Harder" before I felt those muscles explode on my thick cock. You could hear the wet sounds as I slowed my thrusting to ride down the wave of orgasm with her. I shifted my hips to get my shaft off her clit for a second and just gently pump into her. She slow danced with me for a minute or two, touching my face with her fingers and looking up into my eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her softly.

    "Turn over" I said.

    She scooted up to the edge of the bed wit her ass into he air and I grabbed my thick cock and guided the head into her wet pussy that I had made so tender and soft with all this pounding. It slid right in like velvet. I grabbed her hips and started taking her by force. I really enjoy the shape of a womanÂ’s ass more than anything else, so I looked down and admired the sight of my shaft disappearing into this gorgeous woman while her ass bounced against my abdomen. She bent her knees and wrapped her ankles behind my ass and tried to force me into her deeper and harder. I took my hands off her and stood straight up at the edge of the bed. She backed up against me and took me deep. I didn't thrust. She was grinding against me, and then she started moving out of frustration. She was rocking against me, taking me while I rested and watched her work. Then I gently smacked both cheeks a few times to get the skin tighter. Then waited for the red skin and rubbed it. She kept bucking back against me, and then I spanker her a little harder, not enough to sting yet, but enough to hear. Her skin was tighter and she yelped a cute little yelp. But she started thrusting harder. I took her shoulder in my left and pulled her back against me hard and thrust into her. I pinned her face down with my hand to the mattress and took a fistful of her hair and started really slamming it home, pushing her face into the mattress and coming at her from above and behind. I started spanking her hard now with my right hand, really punishing her, while she moaned and cried and squirmed underneath me. Every smack she cried out "Oh!" Until it was "Oh!-Oh!-OH-OH!OH!" and I felt her cumming again. Seeing her face as she came was too much for me. I felt the pleasure building up in me and I felt the explosion starting. I buried it deep in her and shot my load, pumping slightly with the pleasure that went through me in waves. I eased back up off her and pulled out of her. She rolled over and lay motionless next to me for a second. I was catching my breath. We looked at each other and laughed.

    "Julies game is in an hour. I think she'd be happy to see her daddy got off work early and saw her play. Do you want to go with me to pick her up from school?"

    "You got it babe." I said, reaching for a towel. "And thanks for getting me out of work early. I told them Rick fell at school."

    "So that was what that was all about." She smiled.

    "Yeah. Keep the story straight." We both laughed at that before getting dressed.
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    mmmmm, that's what I'm talking about!!! Well written and with a couple of details that really turned me on- fuck me please, I'll be good:tongue:
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