hope the ladies enjoy this, part 3

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    Kyle was speechless. This girl was every boy's wet dream and his hard-on was back in full force, raging to be let loose on this woman's wares. He simply couldn't come up with the words to respond, sensing this, and his silly grin, Michelle took his hand, they grabbed their coats and they made there way to the door. Quickly before leaving the bar, Kyle slammed his drink, he had switched from beer to jack and coke in an attempt to look more worldly to her, and the burn of the alcohol down his body was exactly what he needed right now. A little liquid courage!

    Once outside and out of sight of the bar patrons, Michelle turned to Kyle and absolutely fell into a deep long delicious kiss with him. Hew knew how to kiss too, the right amount of pressure, his lips moving and exploring hers, his tongue tentatively feeling hers out, and once she met him enthusiastically, it was all about tasting. This lasted for a good 5 minutes, though it seemed an eternity, Kyle wrapped his large arms around her and squeezed her to him, she could actually feel his heart racing, and her breasts smashed against his strong chest, where the rippled stomach meets the rib cage (he was tall afterall) she could feel his power. Then she noticed something else, another feeling that sent her soaring, his cock now raging hard was still hung down his left pant leg, it couldn't straighten out to point up naturally, the fabric binding it, so it layed gorgeously against her hip. She slid her body over until her pussy mound was riding on it and began to slowly, involuntarily, slide up and down, working to press her insistant clit against his turgid hot throbbing meat.

    This was all they could stand anymore, he took her hand, turned away and led her to his car. His truck actually, as luck would have it. She asked, "is this you?"

    "Yes", he replied, still unable to mouth any real words, his cock was taking over his mind and body, he was to that point that men get to when they really do only think of getting inside a beautiful woman, and all their actions are bent on this aim. He fumbled for his keys, only now becoming aware that his prick was so hard in his pants, and would be so obvious to her. Again, she floored him, for as he was going to unlock the passenger door, she came behind, pressed her body to his, and reached around with one hand to caress his big chest, the other straight down to that dick. She was squeezing, and kneeding it, stroking it through his pants, she could feel it's heat, how it throbbed with his frantic heart beats, she knew she absolutley HAD this boy, and that she had to have him inside of her as soon and as long as she could.

    The door unlocked, he bent in, folded the seat back, Michelle said in a low sexy voice "How appropriate". The back seat was already laid down, he had been hauling apartment furniture that day so the back end of his Yukon was completely open, like a bed one might say. He stepped back and they locked in another embrace and lustful kiss. She finally broke herself away, knowing where she wanted to be, and climbed into the truck. He followed right behind her, admiring that thick ass and he thought he could now even smell her sex. This was too much! This was fantastic!

    Both inside, he closed and locked the door, key in the ignition, some music on, the limo tinted windows spared them any onlookers. Frantically they explored each others mouths again, laying side by side, and soon the shedding began. She had to see this chest that looked so inviting in a sweater and pulled it over his head. It was perfect. His little pink nipples hard enough to cut glass, his taunt tight muscles at attention, his six pack abs pounding up and down with each heavy breath. She caressed his smooth skin, then licked and bit her way around his body, he tasted clean, he tasted hot and he tasted good. He had removed his boots and had pulled a blanket out from behind the spare tire to give her a cushion and then he turned his attention to her.

    Kissing her he slid off her oxford overshirt and slid a hand up to cup her breast. It was so firm, she was so turned on and her nipples were huge and hard. He spun them through the shirt between his thumb and finger teasing her, she absolutely dove into him, wanting more. She grappled for his belt buckle and tore it open, quickly her shirt was off, he threw it aside and dove down to lick and suck her full tits. She cupped his head in her hands and half directed him, half followed him as he pleasured her increasingly sensitive nipples.

    Regaining her composure, she remembered now that bulge. She had dreamt so many times in her life of having a truly massive penis to play with, this was the first man who seemed to be truly endowed and she was now in a frantic mission to find her fate. His belt undone she went for the zipper and pulled it down. Reaching in she found the wasteband of his boxers. He could sense how much she wanted this so he lay back some to help her, her hand reaching inside of his shorts she found tight curly pubic hairs, not too many, god love a man that trims!! Then she hit the base of his cock, reached further down, wrapped her hand around it and pulled as hard as she could, she HAD to see this thing. "OH MY GOD" she barely was heard saying. It was out now, and it was all she had hoped for. This thing was HUGE, easily half again as long as the biggest she'd ever played with before and no doubt almost three times thicker, it was magnificent!

    Marvelling in a state of bliss for the moment, she turned it this way and that in the soft light, she couldn't fit her entire hand around it, it must be as thick as her lower forearm, it was truly gorgeous, heavily veined she could see it's different colors. The amazing thing is that it didn't yet seem to be completely filled out. Kyle was uncircumsised and the hood was halfway covering his head, when she would slide her hand up and down it would sheathe, then reveal the cockhead and the primalness of this was outstanding.

    Instinctively she went down on it, she had to have it in her mouth, she had to taste it. It was as though this amazing slab of meat now had a power over her and all she was about now was servicing this magnificent treat so that it would fuck her out of her mind.

    Michelle slid the beast into her mouth, still not fully erect it still stretched her lips fully and took all the room in her mouth just to get the head in. Her tongue worked ferociously on the underside of this prick, his salty sweetness enveloping her. She began to pump furiously with both hands, dying to see just how big this thing could get. His moans of appreciation let her know that she was a good little cock sucker and now she knew it would pay off big time for her for once!

    Kyle leaned over her bobbing head and undid her pants. Without missing a beat she took one hand away and helped him removed them and her panties so that she was now completely naked, slobbering on his cock. They both helped each other then take off his pants and boxers and all of him was now available to her insatiable mouth, fingers, toungue, eyes, hands, pussy, everything!
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