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    Hi, been playing with watersports since a kid and am looking for new, how, dirty, sexy, sensual, pleasurable, some pain so long as we are playing and would love hearing the fantasies of y'all who might like a guy 5'10; natural platinum blonde, public hair, too! Average body, meticulously clean, but wanna hear the dirtiest sex I can and would like to try it both alone and with someone. Circumcised, damn! Can relax my throat and swallow 10" and when I am happy I possess my own ten inches, but am fussy where I put it. No women, whatsoever, ever, been married one night only and it was too long. Give me new ways to play, fuck, suck, teach me about bondage which is my latest fascination, but not that crap I read about financial bondage, no way, thank you, ultra clean now, nude, horney, hardon bouncing and waiting to read about joy juice. Teach me a new watersport trick and you might be him.
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