Hospital Sponge Bath?

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    A few weeks ago I was in a car accident and was in the hospital for two days. They didn't want to let me get out of the bed until the second day when they did neurological exams to make sure I didn't have any spinal cord damage (which I didn't). Anyway, since I wasn't allowed to get up I had to take a sponge bath. There were two nurse's assistants (one guy, one girl) who came in to do it. Both were probably also in their late 20s and both fairly attractive. They had actually been coming in a lot that morning and said it was nice to have someone young to talk to in the orthopedic unit since most of the patients were old. Anyway, although I wanted to let them sponge everywhere I chickened out and said that I could do the crotch and rear myself so they turned around while I did that. Also, I was on IV morphine and even though I've heard many other people say opiates kill their erections/libido, for some reason I get an instant erection whenever I get an IV opiate. I remember also being extremely horny several years ago after knee surgery when I had IV dilaudid.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has had a whole body sponge bath in a hospital and if so, was it by a guy/girl, were they hot, did you get aroused?
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