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    One night after dinner I went to a camping spot off one of the beach roads where two cars were parked. I saw there were two guys in the car next to me: the passenger was playing with the driver's huge dick. The passenger shot a load and left.

    When I looked at the driver, he motioned with his head to get into his car ...

    I started playing with his huge dick: long, thick, uncut and beautiful! He was sopping wet with precum. When I sucked it, the sweet precum was overwhelming!

    The guy started to fondle my hole and asked me if I wanted him to fuck me with his big dick. The answer was a resounding "YES!" By now I was quivering with excitement and lust.

    At the hotel, once inside the room, we kissed wildly and undressed each other. I couldn't take my hands off his huge dick! It was BIG, thick and beautiful ... perfect!

    We fooled around a bit and when he got adamant to get inside me, I excused myself to douche.

    When I returned, I saw the dick and appreciated its immense size: ± 8.5" (± 22 cm), thick and uncut. He had low-hanging balls.

    Soon his one big finger was inside my hole and through kisses asked me if he could enter me. "YES, please!"

    I lubed his dick with KY and sat on him, facing him. I slowly lowered myself onto this pole: what intense pain! It was huge and thick! I withdraw his big, thick dick and lowered myself onto it a few times. I continued the withdrawal and insertion a few times until he was buried inside me. It was a dream come true with hell (pain) and heaven (bliss) at the same time!

    I sat dead-still for a moment to get used to this huge invasion and he was patient, only flexing his dick which made me squirm with pain and delight and knowing he was pumping precum into me. Heaven!

    He held my hips and slowly started fucking me with long, slow thrusts. Once my hole was used to this big dick, he increased the pace and I was squealing with delight!

    He pulled me towards him and kissed me deep and flexed his dick inside me. I could die with pleasure!

    After a few minutes, he rolled us both over with his dick still inside me. I was on my back and he was on his knees between my legs, my legs on his shoulders. He started to deep fuck me: oh, what pain! However, I knew he was building up a huge load!

    He fucked me for a while, turned me on all fours and entered me from behind. When this big dick passed my prostate it was bliss and caused me to cum a bit due to the huge, thick dick that pushed cum out of me.

    He fucked me for another 2 minutes when I couldn't hold it any longer. My orgasm was imminent and I was reaching the point of no return very quickly and voiced my concern. He stopped briefly to allow my cum to subside before he started to really fuck me, telling me he was about to shoot his load but we should cum together.

    When we orgasmed, it was like sluices opened: his dick gigantically - I thought he was going to rip me apart! I exploded onto the towel in huge quantities and he shot huge loads of cum into me with every fierce thrust and grunt.

    He collapsed onto me with his dick still deep inside me. He held me tight from behind and spooned me pushing his still hard dick deep into me.

    He nuzzled my neck and ear and held me close, still flexing his dick pumping ery last drops of cum into me.

    After about half an hour both got sleepy: his big dick was still inside me. We fell asleep before long.

    I don't know how long I slept but I became aware of arms around me and something big inside me, twitching and flexing! He got hard while still inside me and was flexing his dick to harden it to its full capacity.He was getting hard again with his dick head bathed in a pool of his own cum deep inside me!

    I was hard already and already leaking copious amounts of precum!

    He whispered and asked if he fucked me again? I answered without missing a beat, "YESSSS, please!".

    He started to fuck me slowly and deeply spooning me and made grunting noises. I could feel his cum inside lubricating his dick and my insides!

    After a while he rolled on top of me with his full body weight on top of me with his big dick buried deep inside me. He fucked me slowly and deeply, kissing my cheek, my ear and neck.

    This time I felt absolutely no pain, only bliss!

    His thrusts became more intense and his breathing became quicker. He was about to cum again! He nibbled on my ear and said he was about to cum ...

    He pulled me onto all fours and really fucked me. I was jerking my dick furiously.

    Soon we started to groan and when I shot my load, his dick became bigger and thicker, and he groaned, shoved his dick deeper into me. He shuddered as he shot another big load into me!

    He collapsed on top of me and pushed both us into a spooning position.

    His big dick was still throbbing and wee lay there. His dick became softer, and started to slip out. It just couldn't stay inside me any longer with all the cum inside me!

    Eventually he slipped out - I had to go to the toilet!

    After a while he came for a leak, we got into the shower and kissed deeply, lathered each other, played with our dicks. Before long we were both hard again, but we were spent!

    We toweled each other and went back to bed. He spooned with me with his soft but large dick between my legs, snaking under my balls.

    We fell asleep and I dreamt of a hung hunk fucking me into next week!

    I woke up, went to the toilet for a leak and to douche: one never knows!

    Back in bed, I put his soft, big dick between my legs. He groaned and pushed his dick deeper between my legs, hugged me from behind. We fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt a huge, hard, cylindrical shape between my legs, pulsating and leaking precum onto my leg. The dream was true!

    He hugged me and realising I was awake, kissed my neck and asked if I'd minded if we could do it again. "YES!"

    He started to fuck me between my legs. Lots of precum leaked onto my legs. He withdrew and using only his precum, lubed my hole and effortless pushed his big dick into me with one long continuous stroke. I groaned with pleasure as I welcomed the biggie inside me once more - it was mere pleasure now: my hole was used to the big invader!

    He started to fuck me with long, deep thrusts. His breathing started to become quicker, and he whispered if I wanted his load in my mouth? I groaned "YESSS!!"

    He pulled me onto all fours and started to fuck me with hard, long strokes. I felt his dick thicken and I knew he was nearing his point of no return.

    He shouted that he was about to cum and I must get ready. He withdrew his huge dick, swirled me around pushed his dick into my mouth. Grabbing my head he fucked my mouth, forcing his huge dick deep into my throat.

    I was jerking off, keeping my load on the verge of cumming.

    He gave one growl, his dick grew to gargantuan proportions. "I'm cumming!" and he did: huge amounts of thick, creamy, sweet cum squirted into my mouth, flooding my mouth, filling every crevice forcing me to swallow this wonderfully divine pre-breakfast cream!

    I orgasmed a huge load onto his legs ...

    He held his dick in my mouth and I did not move my tongue. I drank the last drops of cum from his dick. He slowly pulled his dick from my mouth, bent down, and kissed my cum-soiled mouth long and deep.

    We collapsed onto the bed, totally fucked! I in more way than one!

    After a mutual shower we exchanged telephone numbers. I saw him off at his car.

    We saw each other for about 18 months: I found out he was married. Soon afterwards his telephone number changed and I lost contact with him.
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    well... that certainly got me hard.
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