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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Bob10, Aug 9, 2007.

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    Aug 23, 2006
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    i have an esp bad one.
    ok well, my cousin who i will call "Jill" had the hottest body i had ever seen, with e cup breasts (she told me) which i had previously touched at anypossible occasion without arousing suspicion
    one night she was staying at my place and my parents were out at a 50th. at the time i was 20, and her 18 (i know-eecup... 18...... unbelievable). we got onto the topic of sex and i was amazed to see that shed had sex with more people than i had at 4 years younger. i made a comment along the lines "of course... i mean with tits like those" ahaha. she immediately changed tone and asked me if i liked them. i said well yes of course- because that was the truth.
    i asked how big they were, she told me and i was amazed. i asked to see her bra, so she took off her top, but said i had to take off mine as well. we both sat there shirtless, her breasts were unbelievable and they overflowed the cups of her bra... like big water balloons. she was showing an unspeakable amount if cleavage.
    i asked if i could touch them and she said yes. i was sooo glad she said yes and so i began squeezing them... they were unbelieveble, the softest i had ever felt.
    she then said "ill take the bra off if u take off your pants".... i had my pants off in about 2 seconds flat lol. by this time my 8" (not that big, but i was skinny at the time and it looked big on my body) was at full size, hard as a rock, cramped up along my jocks.
    her words were "wow so it is really that big"
    she took it out, got on her knees and basically teased me with her huge jugs, her tiny hands making my dick look even bgger than it was. we stopped there and it never really progressed... weve spoke of it since then but have just called it an adolescent fantasy....
    i still jack off over the memory of her tits to this day lol.
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    Jan 30, 2007
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    Let's see a pic of her!
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