Hot summer night with buddy!!!

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by D_Elemuel Pee Goldenshauer, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. D_Elemuel Pee Goldenshauer

    Sep 25, 2007
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    It was a hot summer night in Serifos island. Me and my buddy have desided to go on vacation together and prowl for some hot pussy, the one that you can only find on a Greek island.
    Despite our efforts we ended up in our room alone. We were both horny and the night was so hot that we ended up in our beds with only our underwear. We were both in our prime with hot bodies and our cocks were outlined through the tight undies. We looked at each other and laughed about it for a while.
    We hit our beds but I couldn't take my mind of that hot cock that my buddy had. It must have been about 8 inches. I couldn't sleep at all. The heat made me sweat, and the thought of that cock couldn't leave my at peace. My cock was getting harder and harder.
    I could see my buddy's hot body and bulk outlined from the moonlight that came through the window.
    At a moment my friend told me: "Hey are you sleeping?" I responded "No".
    He told me "Damn, I'm soo horny", "Me too" I said.
    He then pulled down his undies and started playing with his cock leaving me speechless. "Wanna join me?" he gasped. I was waiting for that moment. I pulled down my briefs and started stroking my cock.
    "No" he said "join me here".
    I jumped off my bed and approached him.
    He immediately grabbed my cock and started playing with it.
    I moaned with pleasure. "Hot cock u got there" he said. "Mmmmm, u too" I responded.
    I reached out and grabbed his. "Suck me" he said and I obayed. He pulled me and placed me in a 69 position, so he can suck mine.
    His veiny cock had reached maximum size, gushing precum. Mmmm so wet... Mine was bigger than ever, I could feel the precum flowing inside my shaft reaching his wet mouth. He could suck good, better than any woman I've taken so far. I thought "it takes a man to know what a man needs".
    I didn't want to let him down. I put my best to pleasure him and from his sounds I could see I did a fine jod. I could feel his huge cock pulsating inside my mouth. My tongue was running up and down that fabulous cock sipping every drop of that salty precum. The sweat from our hard bodies was mixing together lubricating us. The scent of our love making made us even hornier.
    I started playing with his huge balls and teasing his tight hole.
    He did the same to me. We were both virgins from the back so our assholes were very tight.
    I stood up and turned him around. Made him sit on all four and started rimming him. He moaned and spreaded his legs even more for me.
    I rimmed from his tight hole down to his nice shaft.
    He enjoyed it sooo much.
    I lubricated my cock with some cream, wore a condom and entered inside his tight ass.
    The sensation was out off this world.
    He started screaming, begging me to fuck him harder.
    He was stroking his cock like crazy, and I was slaping his firm butt cheeks.
    He came all over the place, on the bed, my thighs.
    As he was cumming I felt his tight hole tightning around my shaft. That made me cum inside him, sceaming and moaning.
    His huge cock didn't deflate a bit.
    I started sucking it, cleaning it up from his man juice.
    He forced me to bed on my back and brought my legs up to my chest.
    He entered me hard... Fuck what a sweet pain!!!
    He was fucking me, making me count all every inch of his cock inside my ass.
    He grabbed my cock and started stroking it, making it hard for one more time.
    I came on his hard rock chest and he followed me few seconds later, cumming inside me.
    I started licking my cum off his chest all the way down his tool.
    We ended up sleeping in each others arms thinking that these vacations are gonna be full of hot male love.
    Couldn't wait for the next morning to come... But that's another story!!!

    He started screaming, begging me to fuck him harder
  2. readytocum

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    fucking hot story, got me horny at the start in your undies... by the way ever did it?
  3. D_Elemuel Pee Goldenshauer

    Sep 25, 2007
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    It's a true story!!! ;-)
  4. D_CountdeGrandePinja

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    great lines - have a similiar one too! BTW - those are great shots of a great cock.
  5. D_Elemuel Pee Goldenshauer

    Sep 25, 2007
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    Thanks oakland! Love yours too!!!
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