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    About a month ago I had called for to change out my shutoff valves and I expected the plumber to be a regular plumber "type" you know a older, overweight, dirty man. Well I was suprised when a tall slender clean cut young man came to my door.. I would guess his age about 26. about 6'2 and 140 pounds. He got right to work laying under the sink. He had the biggest dick bulge I ever saw.. I got a hard-on right away and wanted to suck him off.. I tried not to stare but it was so hard.. Anyone got pics or a wesite for hot plumbers or other trades.. All I can saw is WOW..
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    I go to a gym and there's a few hot electricians & gardeners.

    Saw this recently in the local small-town newspaper:

    Tradies chip away at sterotype | Toowoomba News | Local News in Toowoomba | Toowoomba Chronicle

    THE new generation of tradesmen are chipping away at the traditional “tradie stereotype” with tools in one hand and a bottle of moisturiser in the other.
    A national survey for KingGee found that today’s tradies are more likely to care about their appearance than their scruffy, overweight predecessors.
    It is a result that doesn’t surprise Toowoomba carpenter Jared Davidson.
    “There are some pretty boys out there,” Mr Davidson said.
    “I must admit, though, I do put moisturiser on my face — only if I have been burnt.
    “I don’t put it anywhere else though.”
    The survey found that 59 per cent of tradies aged between 18 and 24 years used products such as moisturiser compared to 39 per cent 30 years ago.
    Social researcher Mark McCrindle said 45 per cent of tradies considered fashionable work wear “extremely important”.
    “Baby boomers drove beat-up utes and wore old clothes to the work site,” social researcher Mark McCrindle said.
    “Today’s generation of tradies are more likely to drive newer vehicles, wear clothing that’s good enough to go out in and own the latest iPhone.”
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