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    My cell phone rang and the local number displayed on my LCD screen. I flipped opened my phone and answered, “Hello.”
    “Hunter?” the man asked.
    “This is Hunter,” I answered.
    “Hunter, this is John Grayson with Hotel Maison. I am calling you because we would like to offer you the night manager position at the hotel. Your resume and experience blew us away and we would love to have you as part of our staff.”
    “Thank you, Mr. Grayson. I look forward to it,” I accepted his offer with a great big grin.
    “Great, Hunter! We’ll see you first thing Monday morning,” he said excitedly, “Have a good day.”
    “You too, Mr. Grayson, bye,” I said then I hung-up. What a way to begin the day. I got the job I needed to begin my own design firm. Things were looking up. I would now be able to quit my day job and still have a steady income while my design firm was building a clientele.
    I spent the first couple of days at the hotel learning their system and the check-in/check-out processes. The Hotel Maison is an extended stay hotel. The rooms are suites with a full kitchens and small setting areas to make the guest feel more at home. The guests tend to stay 30 days or more. One of the Hotel Maison’s guests had been there for a little over 2 years.
    After those first couple of days, Mr. Grayson felt comfortable enough with me that he went ahead and placed me on the overnight shift with the assistant manager, Lynn, who had been covering the overnight shift until they found a suitable replacement. I trained with Lynn for about a week. She taught me the overnight rituals of closing the day’s paperwork and getting the breakfast ready for the breakfast attendant the next morning. All in all, there wasn’t exactly a ton of things to do on the night shift. We were mainly there just in case all hell broke loose in the middle of the night. The best thing Lynn taught me is it was okay to surf the net or watch a little TV during the long boring stretches of the night. She said the only thing that Grayson had a problem with is taking a nap on the job. If he caught you doing that, you were terminated on the spot. That was evidenced by the termination of my predecessor for that exact reason.
    This was turning out to be the perfect job for my situation. I could bring in designs I needed to work on and do them on my laptop during the night. I had plenty of time to get them done between my hotel duties. I was also getting to know a bit of the long term guests. Many of them would stop by before they turned in for the night and chat with me. There were some really great people I was getting to know.
    One of the guests that I got to know pretty well over the next couple of months was a tall brunette by the name of Gwen Ellison. She and her associates had started their own marketing business and had been guests of the Hotel Maison for about six months. They were working with and trying to land a huge account with a national retailer that was headquartered in our area.
    She was gorgeous with a nice firm ass and a set of tits the size of small cantaloupes. As stunning as she was, she was not hung up on herself and was one of the easiest girls to talk to I had ever come into contact with before.
    I have always been a shy guy and talking to ladies was not my forte. I had an incident with a girl at the age of about 14 that had really stunted my growth with girls socially and sexually. It was not that I hadn’t received many, many offers for dates; I had, but I was always afraid of that traumatic event that had changed my social life forever. I think most of the girls had written me off as gay and the designer label did nothing to diminish those thoughts.
    Gwen was different altogether. I first met her one night when I was watching the 1AM SportsCenter on ESPN. She plopped down on the sofa beside me and asked me how the Cowboys had done. This girl knew as much about Dallas Cowboy football as I did. She was a lifelong fan ever since her dad had taken her to a game when she was 3. She had grown up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and her dad had season tickets. She had even tried out to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, but was one of the final cuts.
    The conversation continued from there and included the story of her company, my design firm start-up, talk of her upcoming wedding, my awkwardness with the ladies, and several other topics from sports to politics to music. Before we knew it, it was 5AM and I had to start breakfast and she had to get ready for her morning meeting with her associates.
    The next night our conversations continued. She seemed a little more anxious tonight as her life had made an unexpected turn in that morning meeting.
    “They want me to move up here to head-up a satellite office that serves only Alloutte. I was kind of volunteered because I am the youngest of all the partners and all the rest of them are kind of settled, you know, have husbands, kids, and mortgages. Thing is I was trying to become settled, too. Jim and I are supposed to be married in March and now this. But, Jim was really great about it. He said he would start looking for a job up here and we would just move here until we could go back home,” she said rather depressed.
    “I’ll tell you what, Gwen, let me talk to the guys at the architecture firm that I’m leaving and maybe I can get him a job there. They are all the time looking for project managers. It pays pretty well, too,” I offered to settle the situation.
    “Really, you’d do that?” she squealed excitedly, “Oh, Hunter, I’m so glad I met you. You are so sweet.” With that she proceeded to embrace me in a tight hug and plant a kiss on my cheek. She jumped up, “I’m going to go tell Jim, right now. Thanks so much, Hunter.”
    “You’re welcome,” I called after her as I watch her luscious bottom bounce off down the hallway. ‘Damn, Jim’s a lucky guy,’ I thought.
    Later that week Jim came in for his interview and was hired on the spot. He and Gwen took me out to dinner for helping them out. Jim really was a nice guy and they complimented each other well. As jealous as I was of Jim, I was just as happy for the two of them.
    The next day Jim left to go back to Dallas and pack all of their stuff for the move. Gwen met me at the front desk as soon as I got in for my shift that night.
    “Hunter, could you meet me at my room later on tonight when you get done with your paperwork. Jim and I got you a gift and I want to give it to you tonight,” she explained.
    “Gwen, you guys did have to get me anything else. You already took me out for dinner last night. That was plenty, Gwen,” I said.
    “No, Hunter, it wasn’t enough,” she said convincingly, “Just come by later and I’ll give you your present.”
    “Sure, Gwen, I’ll be there in about an hour,” I conceded.

    I finished closing the night’s paperwork and went to room 107. Gwen and I had decided to mover her into this room last night because it was closest to the front desk and we could talk easily, but I still was able to watch for new guests coming in. I knocked on the door and heard Gwen’s sweet voice say, “Come in.”
    I used my front desk key to open Gwen’s door. At first I didn’t see her, and then I saw her seating sideways in a chair in the corner of the room. I stopped dead in my tracks. She had nothing on but a pink lace bra and panties.
    “Come in and close the door,” she said rather breathy, “Hunter, our surprise for you is me. I spoke with Jim and we agreed that we wanted to help you with your awkwardness with women so, that you can be as happy as Jim and I are.”
    “Is Jim okay with this?” I asked perplexed. If I had a girl as fine as Gwen, I would never let another man near her.
    “Yes, it’s fine. Jim and I have a very open relationship. We both love sex, a lot. We swing with local friends in Dallas. Whenever we see another person we would like to have sex with, we are free to do so as long as we consult with each other first. When you told me that you had problems with girls, I wanted to help you over come your fears. Now, what is it that I can do to make feel comfortable?”
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    A good start.
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