How do you make your penis feel big?

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    Data states my penis is in the 80th percentile no matter how I measure it, but at the same time on me it doesn't look amazing. This brings up a question, and rather than "Is my penis big!?" being the question, it's "How does one make their penis big?" or rather what mental components am I missing that allows acceptance of the real size of my penis?

    It's a mature question because it's no different really than how you accept your musculature if you were not doomed to be large and in charge or accepting your height, same thing; I mean I'm fairly tall, about 6' +/- an inch, but around here that's not tall. I've been to many places and in some I'm a giant, in some I'm dwarfed by people who are generally six inches taller, but that aside I managed to come to the conclusion that I am decently tall. I'm no giant, no, but I am taller than the average my generation.

    The penis seems different though, possibly due to the small increments that separate the degrees. There just isn't enough difference for me between half an inch more or less. Yet that half an inch puts me in a certain category, and oddly enough the lack of half an inch prevents entry from the next category. The increment is so small it's hard to really accept.

    I guess my real point is how does one identify with that particular aspect? I'm a small guy when it comes to muscles, I will never be big, took me years to accept that but at least the increments were better set, larger, you could tell the difference at eyeshot; here with a penis an inch off in estimation and you can go from King Kong to "Large" and from "Large" to King Kong. Sometimes that happens, the 8 incher gets an extra inch just from perception.

    Bah, me and my self-discovery phase of life.
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