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How I Spent My First Day As Brandon's Trainee (gay Erotica)


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Jan 22, 2017
Houston (Texas, United States)
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Summertime was almost here and I'd made up my mind to take on a part-time job during the summer so that I could accrue enough money to purchase a brand gaming system that I'd been eyeing for some time. My job search started a week prior to the conclusion of the spring semester. My job experience ranged from retail and warehouse labor. I didn't really want to deal with retail again so I focused on finding something in warehouse labor. I browsed online for jobs and applied to several that were available. I got calls from a third of those that I'd applied to. One call in particular was of interest to me. It was a call from someone representing UPS calling in regards to available current positions. I jumped on it and made contact with someone named Roger who asked me to come in the following day for an interview.

I showed up to my interview 15 minutes early eager to impress my interviewer. Roger greeted me at the door and asked me to step inside of his office and have a seat. Roger assessed me from head to toe and went right into asking questions. The final question Roger presented to me was "When can you start?" I replied "As soon as you need me." Roger lit up at hearing those words and told me to come in tomorrow for training. I was going to be hired on as a driver for the time being but would also be learning the warehouse duties should I need to fill in during busy times. Roger explained to me that I would have a route that I would drive and deliver packages to the addresses they belonged to. I was directed to show up tomorrow ready to work side by side with Brandon, my trainer. Brandon would show me the ropes of being a driver for UPS.

I showed up the next day, excited to be working my new job. I arrived at Roger's office as directed so that he could introduce me to Brandon. Brandon had not yet arrived but since I was early, Roger explained to me that Brandon was one of their best drivers with a good track record for delivering all of his packages on time. I was told to just relax and follow Brandon's lead. He would answer any questions I might have and I would be shadowing him for a couple of days until I felt I was ready to go out on my own. As Roger was giving me the rundown, a striking young man of about 28 with chiseled dark features approached and immediately greeted Roger. "Sorry I'm a little late boss, I was caught by a train." Roger was very forgiving of Brandon's tardiness and introduced me as his trainee. "Brandon meet Wes, he's all yours today and I need you to show him what it means to be a reliable driver for UPS. Do you think you can handle that?" Brandon replied "Wes is in good hands boss." Brandon then looked over at me and asked if I was ready to head out. Of course I was more than ready especially now that I knew that my trainer was a stud with movie star looks and the body of the muscular athletes that I so often had wet dreams about. We were off to our truck which was already loaded thanks to all of the new warehouse employees that had recently been hired. Brandon handed me a list with all of today's packages that were to be delivered. "Treat that list like it's gold Wes." Simple enough. I'd keep that list tucked in my pocket and only pull it out when Brandon requested it.

Brandon hopped in the drivers seat and I sat next to him on the passenger side. Brandon explained the importance of checking the fuel level before leaving the hub. He said the trucks were well maintained and that there shouldn't be any issues while we were out delivering but if at any point I should notice something wrong with the performance of the truck that I should make note of it and report it to management who would in turn have the automotive technicians take a look into. So far everything was simple. Brandon assured me that it was an easy job but that it required some physical work on my part which I had no issue with. Lifting and moving packages was not new to me. We delivered several packages and it was easy enough for me to see that Brandon would match the packages to be delivered with their respective addresses. Up to this point Brandon was strictly business and was making sure that I was grasping what my duties were. Once he figured out that I knew the duties well enough we started chatting about other things. It is around this time that Brandon inquired about my love life or lack there of. I confided in Brandon that I was not in a committed relationship and was only casually dating. I felt that was a neutral answer that anybody would accept for what it was. Brandon bounced back by inquiring about my sexuality which made me uncomfortable. I became flushed because never had anyone clocked me as anything but heterosexual. What had I said or done to give my secret away. I hesitated to answer and Brandon looked at me and apologized for making me uncomfortable. I still hadn't answered so Brandon eased my discomfort by telling me how good he is at reading body language and analyzing people. He said he'd sized me up during the few deliveries we'd made earlier where I was basically following Brandon around like a lost puppy. He'd noticed me checking him out on a few occasions and just wanted to see if his suspicions were correct. He'd clocked me so instead of telling him the truth about me being gay, I simply told him I was bisexual because I felt that it would make him comfortable to know that we at least had something in common in that I also liked females. Brandon seemed indifferent to my admittance of bisexuality.

We continued our route for a few deliveries in awkward silence with brief interruptions here and there of him asking me address numbers and street names. Once we'd found our address we'd head to the back of the truck to locate the package to be delivered. Knowing that Brandon knew that I was checking him out earlier, I made sure not to let my eyes linger too long because I wasn't sure what Brandon thought of me checking him out. Brandon and I had to shuffle some things around so it required us to work together moving boxes around. We were in a tight space in back of the box truck so Brandon and I were often in close proximity. "Say Wes could you get down there and retrieve the box that is for Susan Moore?" I did as ordered. I got down on my knees and began sliding boxes out of the way, intent on getting the box that was for someone named Susan Moore. I saw the box but it was under some other boxes. I'd finally gotten the package free and was able to slide it forward so that I could lift it up and hand it to my Brandon. I'm still on my knees and I'm about ready to stand. I brace myself preparing to get up and wanting to keep my balance. As I stand up I I feel something behind me. Maybe I bumped into a box. It was not a box. Brandon standing directly behind me. He'd spooked me because I didn't expect him to be standing so close. He smiled and thanked me as he took the package. Hmm that was strange. My lewd mind had just replayed what happened while Brandon stepped off of the truck to deliver the package to Susan's front door. I stood up and felt Brandon's crotch brush against my ass thinking I'd bumped into a box. Was I a perv for imagining this? I'd pay close attention because what better place for a quickie than the back of a UPS truck.

Brandon comes back to the truck and sees me still standing in the back of the UPS truck. He tells me we are on track and ahead of schedule so we would be able to take a quick 15 minute break in between deliveries. I started to step down from the truck thinking we were going to get in the front and drive somewhere. Brandon grabbed my arm and told me to stay in the back and he was going to find a secure spot close by to park the truck so that we could take a quick break. "Hmmmm interesting. He wants me to stay in the back of the truck." I didn't question him, I just followed my trainer's orders. We bumped along for maybe 5 minutes max when the truck comes to a stop. I hear the door open and shut and Brandon is walking to the back of the truck where he opens the door. I peer out the back of the opened doors, curious to know where he'd parked the truck. We were backed into a the driveway of a vacant house on a dead end that was far removed from all of the other homes. Brandon says "This is my favorite place to park when I want to take a break because nobody can see me back here." He then admits to sometimes stopping there to smoke a joint in between deliveries as it relaxes him on those long stressful days. I hadn't really asked him much most of the trip. I'd just observed him because everything seemed so easy. I now had a question however. "Brandon what are we going to do?" Brandon looked at me and his eyes said enough. He seduced me with his eyes and grabbed my hand and placed it on his brown uniform trousers where his crotch was. My eyes lowered to where he had placed my hand and felt the firm bulge that was beneath my palm. I lingered a long time feeling the bulge grow even more when Brandon broke the trance and told me to do what felt natural. I thought long and hard knowing what Brandon was asking me to do without really saying it. He'd already clocked me checking him out so I surmise that from that point he was plotting this moment of seduction. Could Brandon be gay, bisexual, or bi-curious? I didn't really care I just knew that I was not about to let this opportunity pass me by. I unlatched his belt, unbuttoned his short and unzipped them. I then let his short fall to his ankles. Brandon had on a nice pair of sweaty black Under Armour boxer briefs that were soggy from his sweat due to all of the physical labor he'd been doing lifting and unloading packages. I looked up into Brandon's eyes once more to make sure that he was still open to what was about to take place. Again he said nothing but his eyes conveyed to me that he wanted me to continue so I did. Not a moment longer I took my place kneeling before Brandon with his rock hard cock pointing up toward the heavens. I let my eyes study the fine phallus before me, preparing to feast on it for as long as our break would last. Brandon was really in for a treat because if there was one thing that I was skilled at it was stimulating a cock with my mouth and hands. Brandon's cock was a work of art. The thick 8.5 inch cut cock looked like something you'd see on a porn star with it's gradual upward curve. The head of Brandon's cock resembled a pale purplish plum sitting atop a ripe plantain. The most beautiful part of Brandon's cock was the road map of large and small veins that ran the length of his shaft in swoops and zigzags. Nothing feels better against my tongue than the texture of blood engorged veins beneath the skin on a dude's cock. After taking in the beauty of Brandon's throbbing cock, I focused on the balls that hung so delicately beneath his shaft like two large eggs held securely in a furry sock. Brandon's balls were beautiful with strands of brown hair not only around his balls but covering his pubic region. As I held his balls in my hand I could feel the dampness of the hair and against his skin where his inner thighs rested against his testicles. I could take it no more and I brought my nose to his balls to smell the musk that I knew would be there from a long day's work. I took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma of Brandon and it led to me getting an even firmer erection of my own. I would not make Brandon wait too much longer so I gently grabbed the shaft of Brandon's flagpole and tipped it down so that it would have a direct path toward my eagerly awaiting mouth. As soon as my lips touched the head of Brandon's cock, he moaned in anticipation. I was going to take my time to show Brandon what a Pro such as myself was capable of. I slid my wet mouth slowly over his the head of his penis allowing my tongue to savor the salty precum that was cradled in the slit of his pee hole. It had an oily consistency that I'd grown to love from all of my years of indulging on the cocks of my friends, neighbors, and anybody else that sought my skills. Now my lips were gliding the length of Brandon's shaft. Each vein would feel the pressure of my lips and exploratory tongue. My eyes were closed as I anticipated the moment my nose would be tickled by Brandon's pubes. Sure enough I feel the pubes against my nose and open my throat more so that I can take that final dive which would allow my nose to fully engulf his pungent pubes. I could hear Brandon's soft moans. I held his cock in my mouth and lets my tongue slide from side to side along the underside of his cock making his moans become louder. I look up wanting to see the facial expression of Brandon's face and I see that his head is tossed back and his eyes presumably closed as he was enjoying the sensation of his cock being worshipped in only the way that a cock hungry slut could do it. I wouldn't tease Brandon too much longer so I started to gradually allow my head to bob back and forth at a steady pace being sure to let Brandon enjoy a few minutes longer before making him drop his load. After giving him my head I decided I would incorporate other sensations for Brandon to enjoy. My left hand rested under his undulating balls and caressed them. I gently tugged them, massaged them, and occasionally placed them in my mouth as my hand stroked his shaft. My right hand would also stay busy sliding along his shaft, giving Brandon the false impression that his cock was being engulfed between the warm wet walls of a tight vagina or an ass. The key to this sensation working to the desired effect is to not grip to tight or too loosely. The pressure needs to be just right. Break time is almost over so I take my cue to extract that load that was ready to burst forth. I speed up the pace and pay attention to the cues that Brandon's body was giving me. Brandon places both hands on my shoulders bracing himself for the explosion that his cock was about to have. His moans grow louder and his balls draw up ready to release a fountain of cum into my mouth. My excitement grows as I eagerly await my reward. Brandon grips my shoulders tighter and then there's a warm salty blast in the back of my throat. There must've been 7 to 8 pulsations, each one filling my mouth with Brandon's baby batter. I swallow it all down as Brandon unloads. Brandon lets his cock rest in my mouth for a minute or two before pulling himself together and pulling his shorts back up.

Brandon thanks me and says "Let's get back to work." We do so and act as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. We finish delivering the few remaining packages and head back to the UPS Hub. Before we depart the truck Brandon looks over at me and says "This will remain our little secret." I agree to this and we each head in to clock out for the day. I will be training with Brandon for the next couple of days so I look forward to enjoying more breaks with Brandon for those days as his trainee.