How I used to JO and why I stopped

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    Back when I very first discovered the wonders of masturbation, I realized I did not know, at all, how to deal with the sticky, messy result.

    Holding a towel or TP around the tip was so annoyingly oversensitizing, I could not concentrate on actually having an orgasm. No go. I couldn't back up anywhere near enough to cum in the toilet bowl and as I was at lacrosse camp, there was not a lot of privacy.

    I learned to wedge the back of my hand against the inside of the toilet seat with my fingers against the skin under my balls (I'm sure there's a name for it... choad?) It would cut off the flow completely and really increased the sensation.

    I wonder if that technique (while 100% effective) was not bad for me. I stopped doing it when I had some blood and decided that it was probably not worth it. Discovered other ways, like we all did. But I still remember that amazing sensation of choking off the orgasm, completely. I miss it [sigh]. It's never really been the same.
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