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    Having a 9” dick is no good if you can’t get laid, thought Mark as he slowly jacked off to some Internet porn. He was lying on his bed, a rubber band strapped around his swollen, distended cock.

    The girl on the screen moaned as a massive dildo moved in and out of her stretched pussy. Mark could only get off by watching girls take dicks or objects bigger than his own. He watched as the porn star arched her back and started to fist herself vigorously. He began to stroke faster. Soon he came with a noisy moan, spurting jizz all across his stomach and chest. He tenderly stretched the rubber band over his balls and off of his inflated dick.

    After a few minutes, he got up to go to the bathroom. He was still mostly erect, and, in a daze from his release, stumbled out of his room still naked.

    In the hallway, just leaving his roommate’s room, was Kathy. She was cute, blonde, had large breasts. Her legs were long and her eyes were blue. Mark had heard her loudly having sex with his roommate Chris for months. Around 1 a.m. every night, Mark could count on hearing her cries through the thin walls. Clockwork.

    Kathy gasped, her eyes darting downward, up and away, and then settling back on Mark’s arm-thick cock, still mostly hard, and still smeared with cum.

    “Hey!” laughed Mark nervously. “I, uh…” His hand went down to cover part of his swinging cock.

    “Oh, wow,” Kathy said. “I’d… better go.” She hurried away, eyes wide.

    She rushed down the stairs, left the house, got into her car and drove away.
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    A promising start
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