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    Lucille: <True or not? I&#39;ll maybe tell later>

    I can&#39;t say the guy ruined my life because he brought my son.
    But he ruined my career and my sexlife.
    Went from hotel manager to be, to part-time general dogsbody in the same hotel...
    ...because of the kid.
    And most men just don&#39;t measure up any more...
    ...because of the big cock.

    I was 21 fresh out of university, and setting out on my career in hotels.
    We&#39;ll not pretend I was a virgin. My nickname was the unimaginative "Loose Lucy", or the even less imaginative, "Bike".

    So yes I&#39;d had a few partners, more than a few. None outstandingly big, I think maybe eight inches was the biggest. Which ain&#39;t a tiddler of course...

    Then Neal arrived. He was a temporary porter, or bell boy, as I think they are called in the US.

    He was ordinary looking, nothing special. Nothing special at all.
    On his first day I had only seen him briefly, but at lunch one of the receptionists mentioned him.
    "Ugly bastard isn&#39;t he?" she said.
    "Well, that&#39;s maybe a bit harsh" I said "But... yeah&#33;"
    We giggled.

    "Did you see the bulge on him though?" she went on."He&#39;s either got a drawer full of socks down there or he is HUUUGE. Must be true what they say about black guys&#33;".

    Well, to cut a long introduction short, later that day he was changing a light bulb, and was at just the right height for me to check out if my friend had been telling the truth.

    She had.

    Not only was there a pretty nice sized bulge, in fact I could see quite clearly the outline of his long, long, fat penis.

    Bearing this was some nine years ago, I can&#39;t remember exactly what I was thinking, but I think I must have looked for a long time.

    Eventually Neal said, "Happy with it? Miss Webster?"
    He was looking at me and smiling.
    I blushed deeply.

    One of my more embarrassing moments.
    But bravely I said to him, "Yes fine, please check the bulbs in the kitchens."

    That evening I was out with my boyfriend at the time, Tony, and at the restaurant, I found myself comparing what I knew Tony had, to what I thought Neal MUST have........
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    O.K., Lucille, you&#39;ve got our attention. Keep going.....
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