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    This has been on my mind a lot lately. How long can most guys last for in a straight fuck? For example I noticed my time changes dramatically depending on a couple factors. Sometimes I ejac within a short time and other times I can milk it for more. Is this normal?

    When people say they can last for a long time, that's because they use the stop n go method right? I've noticed that I can last for about 1-2 hours of jacking off if I stop for 5 seconds every so often.

    Basically I'm asking, is it normal not to be able to keep jacking off for a longer period of time say 5-10 minutes? I know intensity of the strokes makes a difference, so lets say you're doing it at a relatively comfortable, slow rate.

    I've read some stuff online about combating it, something about tantra and controlling breathing etc. I noticed that I can actually jerk and stop the cum from flowing, is this a good start? How long does it take to in essence de-sensitize?

    One last thing, is it safe to jack off but not cum? I can reach climax a number of times but I like "keeping the feeling" and basically milking the labido effect I get. sometimes I've stretched being horny to 2-3 days. At the end I would reach climax and well...usually its a strong, powerful and really liquidy ejaculation. It's fun, but is it healthy...any down side?

    Lots questions in there, sorry. :)
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