How many different types of orgasms do you have?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Kevbo, Dec 20, 2009.

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    We bandy about terms like "clitoral", "vaginal", "g-spot", etc. But to you, personally, how distinct are your different orgasms? Can you have more than one simultaneously, or is there a typical way that they chain? (E.g., having your partner give you oral ahead of time gives you 1+ clitoral o's, which lead more easily to vaginal o's -- I've known many women who prefer this route. And many women work their clitoris during penetration, regardless of the man's endowment.)

    Do you have a type of orgasm you can't classify via the usual labels? What simple label would you use to refer to them?

    Can you orgasm in your breasts/nipples themselves, or are they more of a "gateway" or "instigator" to areas further south? I've noticed in many amateur porn vids that women nearing o will often suddenly work their nipples really hard. How does this help the moment?

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